How to get rid of bruises under the eyes

Quite often, looking in the mirror in the morning, we move away from him dissatisfied with our appearance. Dark circles appeared under the eyes, edemas formed ... And in general, it seems that you are seriously ill! Do you do everything you can, but the unpleasant feature does not disappear?


Let's talk together with an interesting site about solving this problem.


First, try to understand the cause of the bruising under the eyes.


Most often, bruises under the eyes are a hereditary defect. If your relatives have such circles, most likely, you will have them too. They can become more noticeable during overwork, nights without sleep, allergies, experiences, during menstruation or during pregnancy.


Quite often, dark circles under the eyes indicate some kind of disease. These could be bowel disease, kidney disease, endocrine disorders, and more. Therefore, before you start fighting with circles, be sure to go to the doctor. Remember that you need to get rid of the consequences rather than the consequences!


Another possible cause is poor circulation in the vascular network under the eyes. The skin there is particularly thin, so the vessels are more noticeable. If you have fair skin, dark circles can become a real punishment.


Now we will try to talk about the methods of treatment of circles under the eyes.

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