How to get rid of terrible bulldog cheeks?

Unfortunately, scientists have not come up with a miraculous pill that could stop the aging of the human body. Therefore, many women have to independently deal with external changes. Most of all, they are frustrated by the fact that with age, the oval of the face loses clear contours, and sagging cheeks appear (they are also called “bulldog cheeks”). Many celebrities in this case do salon procedures or resort to the services of plastic surgeons, but how to be ordinary people, because not everyone can afford such expensive manipulations?

Do not be in a hurry to get upset, in this article we will describe how to solve this aesthetic problem with the help of a set of certain measures or prevent its occurrence.

Why is this happening?

To get down to this difficult task, you need to figure out why your cheeks are drooping. There are 5 main reasons.

  1. Excess weight, as a result of which fat is deposited in the cheeks, and they begin to sag.Such a problem may appear at a young age, you can eliminate it with the help of weight loss.
  2. Stoop and constant habit of walking with head bowed. In this case, you need to monitor your posture.
  3. Sleep on too soft and high pillows. Best fit roller under the neck or a small hard pillow. Some women bandage their chins with elastic bandages, however, this method cannot be used regularly, since muscles get used to “support” and stop working.
  4. Age-related changes associated with a decrease in the production of collagen and elastin in the body, which are “responsible” for skin tone and clear facial contours.
  5. Hereditary factor.

In all these cases, to remove the "flews" or prevent their appearance will help special exercises and modeling masks.

Gymnastics for the face will help in solving the problem

To return the cheeks volume and strengthen the muscles of the face, you need to try hard. The main rule of any exercise is systematic, so you should be patient. Repeat these simple examples twice a day (morning and evening, after removing makeup), and the first noticeable result will please you in 6 weeks.All repetitions are done 10 times. After a month of training, increase their number to 20:

  • inflate the cheeks, count mentally to five and drastically release the air;
  • draw more air into your mouth and drive it from side to side, then bottom-up;
  • say the vowels "a", "o", "y", while opening your mouth very wide and straining your lips;
  • inflate your cheeks and slowly move the air in a circle, first to the right, then to the left;
  • take a deep breath, draw air into your mouth and blow it out with jerks through your closed lips;
  • again inflate your cheeks and put pressure on them with your hands, feeling resistance at the same time;
  • upper lip cover the bottom (repeat 10 times), then lower cover the top (also 10 repetitions);
  • draw more air into your mouth and release it first through one corner of the lips, then through the other.

At the end of the session, when the facial muscles are well warmed up, do a more difficult exercise.

Place your middle fingers perpendicular to the nose at the top of the cheeks. Press your upper lip to your teeth, open your mouth, stretching your lips like an oval, while lifting the corners of your lips, as if you are smiling. Relax. After this, repeat the exercise 15 times at a faster pace. In the future, the number of repetitions increase to 30.

If you constantly repeat such simple exercises, then soon it will enter into your habit. And the appearance of the first visible results will force you not to stop, but to continue the struggle for youth. Very soon you will notice obvious improvements on your face - the face contour will become clearer, and the bulldog cheeks will start to fade. And to make this process much faster, modeling masks will help you.

Rules of application

To face mask gave the maximum effect, we will show you what you need to do.

  1. Pre-remove makeup, for a better result for a few minutes you can substitute a face under the steam. This method will expand the blood vessels and cause a rush of blood to the skin.
  2. Masks are applied only in a warm condition, so the effect will be more visible.
  3. During the procedure, create a dim light in the room, take a horizontal position, completely relax the facial muscles. Do not talk or move during the session. Turn on light music and, completely disconnected from the problems, think about pleasant moments.
  4. After removing the product, apply a nourishing or moisturizing cream.
  5. Modeling masks, like any other, must be applied regularly, the only way to get a good effect from their use.

Best Mask Recipes

Tightening masks are aimed at improving the tone and strengthening of skin turgor. Their regular use, combined with gymnastics for the cheeks, will help you add elasticity to the skin, give clarity to the facial contours and prevent the appearance of "fleas" or reduce their appearance. We offer you the best and most effective recipes for such masks.

  1. With egg white. This product gives a strong tightening effect. To prepare the mask, first separate the two whites from the yolk, whisk them until a thick foam is formed. Apply the product on the entire face (avoiding the eyelid area) and neck, leave for 15 minutes. After the session, rinse well with warm water.
  2. Gelatin mask. One of the most famous folk remedies that has a rejuvenating and tightening effect. To prepare the mask, dilute two tablespoons of edible gelatin with four tablespoons of boiled water. Wait until it swells, put in a water bath and stir constantly until gelatin is completely dissolved.Apply mask on face and neck, be sure to keep it warm, not hot. Milk is perfect for dry skin instead of water. Keep until completely dry, then gently soften the gelatin with warm water so that the mask is well removed, otherwise you can damage the skin.
  3. Mask with clay. It contains a large amount of mineral nutrients that restore metabolic processes in the skin and thus tighten the shape of the face. Take 2 tablespoons of blue or green clay, dilute with warm water to get a consistency that resembles thick sour cream. Apply to face and neck. If your skin is dry, use milk or cream instead of water. The agent should be kept until completely dry, then rinse with water.
  4. Honey mask. It perfectly nourishes the skin of the face, which leads to an increase in its tone. Take 1 tablespoon of any honey, melt in a water bath, apply to the whole face (except for the eyelids) and neck. For greater effect, you can make a light massage with a clapping motion. Keep the mask for 30 minutes, then rinse with warm boiled or filtered water.For best results, a few drops of olive oil can be added to the product.

Do not forget that honey is a strong allergen, so before using it, take a test sample: apply a small amount on the inside of the wrist, wait 20-30 minutes and follow the reaction.

In conclusion, we note that many women lack the desire and time to engage in themselves. But if you want to see some result, you should work hard. Therefore, we wish all the ladies to be patient and forever get rid of ugly bulldog cheeks!

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