How to grow chic lilies on your window?

The delicate aroma of lush flowers in the house is a great opportunity to recreate a pleasant and cozy atmosphere, to fill the air with amazing aromas of freshness.

Special varieties of lilies, which are adapted to growing at home, have been bred for quite some time now; these are Asian and Eastern hybrids, which can do without transplanting for several years in a row.

These perennial herbaceous plants, which we are more accustomed to seeing in the conditions of flower beds and gardens, are distinguished by their refinement and tenderness, probably because of this the lily had a rich and long history.

Just imagine, even in the times of ancient Rome, wealthy citizens used such flowers to decorate houses, clothes and even pleasure chariots. The Egyptians successfully used them in medicine, and also prepared "suzion" - the famous ancient fragrant oil. It was a white lily during the Middle Ages was considered a symbol of peace!

Today, these amazing and beautiful flowers settled not only in our flowerbeds, but also on the home window sills. Care at home for such a flower is a painstaking business, however, if you adapt and skillfully execute the entire list of its "whims", and there are not so many of them in principle, the whole process is much simpler and even will bring pleasure!

Still, after all, as a result, the lily will necessarily reward you with a lush and bright flowering, from which it is impossible to tear off your eyes.

Choosing a pot for a home miracle

Lily is a bulbous plant, therefore it is very important to plant in time, the pot must meet all the requirements of the beauty, otherwise it will not be so easy to achieve flowering from it. Depending on the particular variety, the height of the stem of the lily can reach 1.5 meters, which, accordingly, will require a stable and sufficiently deep pot for comfortable placement of rhizomes.

The higher the future flower - the deeper the pot should be. For example, for the tallest specimens with a stalk length of 1.5 m, it is necessary to choose a seat with a depth of 35-40 cm. The diameter of the pot should not be too wide, especially if you are going to plant only one bulb, not more than 20 cm.

Otherwise, the lily will try to “fill” all the free space, constantly producing new babies. As a result, blooming does not come until all the free space is filled, and this can take years!

So be careful with the diameter of the pot! In a pot with a diameter of 35-40 cm, you can plant 3-4 bulbs, so you will achieve a lush and rich flowering. Before planting the bulbs, it is recommended to hold them for 15-20 days in the refrigerator, on the lower shelf, it is desirable that the temperature be about 5 °. Immediately before dipping into the ground, the bulbs must be soaked in a solution of potassium permanganate for 2 hours.

As for the soil, it is best for lilies to use special mixtures for bulbous plants, light nutrient soil and river sand. It is also important to take care of the drainage: pour it on the bottom of the pot so that it creates a layer 2-3 cm thick. Then there is a layer of earth 4 cm and planting the bulb.

Cover it with primer so that there is enough space in the pot for water. Usually, such flowers are transplanted, not more often than once every three years, the procedure is carried out after flowering.

Before sending a bulb to a new pot, all the flowers must be cut, the small “babies” must be carefully removed and, if desired, placed in small pots. Before the first shoots, it is recommended to keep the pot in a cool room, and with their appearance transfer it to a window sill or balcony.

How to care?

To grow a healthy and beautiful plant that will delight you with its lush flowering, you need to know exactly what conditions of life are most acceptable for it, and try to comply with them.

It is said that in their homeland, in South Africa, lilies grow even in the most difficult conditions, however, in our latitudes, and even more so at home, things are not so simple. For good growth and development of succulent foliage, the flower needs a sufficiently large amount of light, however, direct sunlight is still better to avoid, as they can burn the foliage. As for the temperature, it is quite suitable for room, in winter it should not fall below 16 °.

We must not forget that all home lilies are very fond of fresh air, so in the summer, during the period of activity, try to bring them to fresh air, for example, on the balcony.As for watering, it should be regular, as the earthen clod dries out, approximately once every three days.

You can not pour, but you can not overdry the ground, otherwise the flower can get sick and stop blooming. It is very important to pay attention to fertilizing and regular fertilizers. The first feed is carried out immediately after the first shoots appear, usually using a solution of organic fertilizers.

The second feeding is carried out in a week, for this purpose phosphorus-calcium compounds are used. The last two mandatory dressings are made during the formation of buds and after flowering. Then it is enough to provide a full-fledged watering and feeding with special complexes for flowering plants at least 1 time in 2 weeks.

In principle, this is the main care for home lily. For its more active growth and lush flowering, it is necessary to regularly loosen the top layer of the soil, so that oxygen can more easily reach the rhizome. Additionally, until the buds bloom, the lily can be sprayed with water so that the foliage is cleaned and breathes better.

It should be noted that in the first year of life you are unlikely to be able to make the lily bloom, and even if so, it is better to pinch the first buds for the further formation of a strong plant.The peak of flowering falls on the 2nd, 3rd and 4th year of life, then the activity of the flower gradually fades away, it is at this time that new and healthy "babies" should be planted.

Sometimes the bulbs for the winter dig and store in a container filled with sawdust and permeable to air in a dark and cool room. However, this is optional, the lily can be left in a straight pot, but also in a cool room.

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