How to grow healthy seedlings

The time of sowing seedlings is determined by calculation, based on the statistical date of the last frost in your area. For example,seedlingsplanted tomatoes for 6-8 weeks before the last frost,seedlingscucumbers - for 2-4 weeks.
First you need to prepare the ground. It can be bought ready-made in the garden center - it is faster, but also more expensive. Or a mixture for planting can be prepared independently. To do this, take about the same amount of humus, sand and earth, mix thoroughly and calcined in steam or in a microwave. Calcination is a necessary procedure for disinfecting the soil. It must be carried out in advance so that the microflora is restored by the time the seeds are planted.
Planting seeds in special boxes or pots. If planted in boxes, further transplantation (picking) of seedlings will be required. If you plantseedlingsin special pots of paper or peat, transplantation is not required, becauseseedlings are planted in the ground with a pot. Many consider this method the most preferable, because seedlings are not injured during transplantation.
For a seedling to grow strong and healthy, it needs good lighting. With a lack of lighting, seedlings are pale and weak. Good lighting is considered to be about 15 hours of bright light per day. Most often the daylight in our latitudes is shorter, so you need to use the backlight, regularly turning the pots of seedlings so that it is lit evenly.
Seedlings should be watered regularly, keeping the soil moist, but not overflowing it so that there is no stagnation of water. The golden rule is to waterseedlingslittle and often.

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