How to grow a real pineapple?

Many gardeners know that the most common and effective methods of reproduction for most plants are the use of seeds and grafting. But in the case of pineapple, things are different.

How to grow?

Pineapple is a tropical fruit. But it can be grown at home. To do this, find out some features and tricks.

Grow it easier and faster from the top, which is located at the top of the fruit and is called the crown. It is from it that the bush will grow in the future, on which, with the right content, fruits should appear.

Preparing for planting

Preparation for landing consists of three main stages:

  1. The first and, perhaps, the most important stage is the choice of the fetus. It should be ripe. Ripe or immature pineapple is not suitable, as well as spoiled. There should be no damage and stains on the peel. The leaves of the crown should be dense and have a rich green color. If they are dry or dry, choose another fruit. Be sure to appreciate the smell. It should be nice.If you feel the "fragrance" of rot, then the pineapple is exactly stale. Purchasing the fruit is best in the store, as in many markets there is no quality control. And do not buy pineapple at the bazaar in the winter season, because, most likely, it is frozen, so the top will not sprout.
  2. As you grow pineapple from the top, the second stage will be its separation from the fetus itself. If you hold it wrong, you can damage the base. First, grasp the tip with your hand, so that its lower part is in the palm of your hand. With your other hand, hold the pineapple well or just hold it on a support. Now start slowly turning the crown as if trying to open the bottle cap. When the tip is in your hands, carefully examine it. If it is damaged or looks stale, it is better to use another. If the crown sits tight, then use a knife. Carefully cut the top of it along with part of the pulp. Then remove all the flesh without damaging the base of the crown. Next, remove the lower leaves, they will interfere. Loose about three centimeters. Dry or limp leaves must also be removed.
  3. The third stage is the preparation of the crown for planting. Take any rather deep and not too wide container (preferably transparent to observe the process constantly), fill it with warm boiled water and place the top of the pineapple there so that it is submerged approximately three or four centimeters. Store the container in a warm and well-lit place, but not under direct sunlight. Approximately in a week the first root processes will begin to appear.


When the roots appeared, pineapple can be planted. Here's how to do it:

  1. Prepare a rather voluminous pot, as the roots will quickly and actively grow in different directions.
  2. At the bottom of the pot will certainly put a layer of drainage three centimeters thick. For example, you can use expanded clay. Drainage protects from moisture stagnation, which can be disastrous for pineapple.
  3. Next should be placed in the pot nutrient soil. You can use a mixture of equal parts of peat, soil for indoor plants and river sand. Be sure to loosen the soil.
  4. Place the germinated crown into the soil so that it is submerged by three to five centimeters.

Rooting a homemade pineapple can take about 6-8 weeks. After this time, the first new small leaves should appear. This will say that the roots grow and begin to feed the aboveground part.


How to grow pineapple at home? Should provide him with proper care. The most important rules:

  1. The pot should be placed in a warm, well-lit, fairly moist place and protected from drafts. It may be a windowsill.
  2. Watering should be carried out regularly, so that the earth ball does not dry out. But also it is not necessary to allow stagnation of moisture, it can lead to rotting of the root part. The soil should be wet, but not excessively wet. For irrigation, it is advisable to use distilled water at room temperature. By the way, pour water directly into the rosette of leaves.
  3. To the plant grew and actively developed, feed it. To do this, you can use mullein. Fertilize pineapple should be once in one and a half months. If you decide to use mineral fertilizers, then their dose should be minimal (two times less than for ordinary houseplants).
  4. The optimum temperature for growth is 20-25 degrees in summer and about 16-18 in winter. Below 15 degrees it should not fall.
  5. The leaves should be, first, cleaned so that they are not covered with dust, and secondly, regularly sprayed with boiled water at room temperature using a spray bottle.
  6. It is recommended to replant pineapple about once a year.

When will the fruits appear?

If the conditions are optimal, the fruit can appear in three or four years. First there will be buds, from which flowers will appear. From the beginning of flowering to ripening pineapples may take about six months. After fructification, a bush for two or three years will produce new shoots, and then die. These shoots can be used for further reproduction.

Useful recommendations

Tips for beginner gardeners:

  • If two months after planting, new leaves do not appear, then, most likely, the top will not take root. Use another.
  • It is advisable to purchase two fetuses at once, in order to choose the strongest and best quality crown.
  • With the growth of the top of the old leaves that were on it earlier, will begin to die off.Let it not scare you, because it is quite a natural process. Just gently remove the rotten parts so that they do not interfere with the growth of new and young.
  • If only the tops of the leaves have dried, then you can simply cut them off.
  • During the flowering and ripening of fruits, it is best to use organic fertilizers, not mineral fertilizers, they will contribute to the best nutrition of the buds and the pineapples themselves in the future.

Be sure to grow your fruit. You will see, it is very interesting!

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