How to hang a horseshoe?

Angelica Artemyeva
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How to hang a horseshoe?

People have long believed that there are various talismans and amulets that can bring their owner happiness and good luck. One of the oldest mascots of this kind is the horseshoe.

Why horseshoe is good luck

In ancient Egypt, the horses of Pharaoh shod gold horseshoes. Happiness was considered the one who, after the passage of the royal chariot will find such a horseshoe. And here in tsarist Russia even the iron itself was expensive. Therefore, the one who found the usual horseshoe, could resell it to the blacksmith with profit.

It is often argued how to hang a horseshoe in a house � horns up or down. It is believed that if a horseshoe hangs horns down, it showered all entering the house with good luck and happiness. And if a horseshoe hangs horns up, they say that, on the contrary, it accumulates in itself well-being, wealth, health and does not allow them to splash in vain. How to hang a horseshoe - decide for yourself. In any case, the way that you unconsciously choose, and it will be for you the best.

How and where to hang a horseshoe

Different nations have their own ideas about where and how to properly hang a horseshoe. Somewhere it is hung so that someone entering the house must touch it, somewhere, on the contrary, it should not be touched. In Russia, it is customary to mount a horseshoe with horns down near the door or on the gate. Motorists attach a horseshoe even in his car, and who knows, maybe she really protects them from accidents on the road.

If in the village at the hippodrome or just on the street you will see a horseshoe - by all means hang it on the wall of your apartment. She will definitely bring you good luck!

However, do not forget that it is not so important the fact where or how to hang a horseshoe for happiness, as the fact that this talisman must be found, and you must find it yourself. Only then will he bring good luck to your home. Now they sell a lot of stylized souvenirs, but they can perform only a decorative function, and have nothing to do with this ancient talisman. Does not have the power and donated horseshoe. The only one that you accidentally found in the dust of the road will be happy.

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