DIY-How To Wall Mount A Skateboard

How to Hang a Skateboard on a Wall

Three Methods:

Skateboards can be fun to ride but they can also be used as unique wall decoration. Whether you want to hang up a retired skateboard or one that you use regularly, there are ways that you can do so attractively, creatively, and conveniently.

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If you’ve already removed your trucks, hang your skateboard deck on the wall by cutting a 1 foot piece of fishing line. With the underside of the deck facing you, feed the fishing line through 1 of the screw holes closest to the end of the deck and back through the 1 next to it. Give the fishing line some slack and tie a granny knot in it. Hammer a nail into the wall where you want the top of your deck to go until the nail head is almost flush with the wall. Then, hang the fishing line behind the nail head.To learn how to hang your deck on a wall mount or use a rope to store your skateboard on a wall, scroll down!

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Hanging a Skateboard Deck with Fishing Line

  1. Remove your skateboard’s trucks.Turn your skateboard on its side. Use a pair of pliers to hold 1 of the bolts on 1 of your trucks in place. Insert the tip of a screwdriver into the corresponding screw on the top side of the board. Twist the screwdriver until the screw is completely out. Repeat this 3 more times to remove 1 truck, and then remove the other truck using the same method.
  2. Feed a piece of fishing line through the holes in your deck.Locate the 2 screw holes closest to 1 end of the skateboard deck. Then, cut off 1 foot (0.30 m) or so of fishing line with a pair of scissors. Hold the deck with the underside facing you and feed 1 end of the fishing line through 1 hole. Then, feed it back towards you through the other hole.
    • The screw holes in your deck are there because they previously allowed screws to hold the deck and trucks together.
  3. Tie a knot with the ends of the fishing line.Fishing line can be slippery, so make sure to tie a knot that will hold, such as a granny knot. Don’t tie it too close to the holes in the deck, but instead provide a little slack between the knot and the deck to make hanging it easier.
  4. Hammer a nail into the wall and hook the fishing line on it.Hold a nail against a point on your wall where you’d like the top of the deck to be located. Then, use a hammer to carefully hammer the nail into the wall.Stop once the head of the nail is almost, but not quite, flush against the wall. Hang the fishing line on the nail between the nail head and the wall.
    • If you’re hanging multiple skateboard decks, you may want to use measuring tape and a pencil to find out where on the wall the boards should be hung in order to be evenly spaced out.
  5. Hang the fishing line from wall hooks to avoid making holes.Instead of hammering a nail into the wall after you’ve tied a knot in the fishing line, use a pencil to draw a horizontal line on the wall that’s level with the floor where you’d like your skateboard to be hung. Press a command hook, or something similar, onto the center of the line. Then, hang your fishing line on the hook.
    • If you can’t make holes in your walls, this may be a great alternative.

Using Wall Mounts to Display Skateboard Decks

  1. Drill a hole in the wall and insert a wall anchor.Use a drill to drill a hole in the wall where you’d like your deck to be hung. Then, insert a plastic wall anchor into the hole to ensure that it effectively holds the weight of the deck.
  2. Secure your deck display to the wall with a screw.Your deck display should come with a screw. Hold the display against the wall and line up the hole at the center with the hole you drilled in the wall. Use a drill or screwdriver to screw the screw into the wall through the hole in the display.
  3. Twist the bolts towards the wall and slide your board onto the display.Once the display is secured to the wall, twist the 2 bolts that came with the display on each of the posts sticking out from the display. Then, align the 2 screw holes nearest to the end of your deck with the posts and slide it on.
  4. Twist the T nuts onto the display.Twist the 2 T nuts that came with the display onto either post until they’re snug against the deck. This should securely hold the deck in place and keep any part of it from touching the wall.

Using a Rope to Store a Skateboard on a Wall

  1. Cut a 25 in (64 cm) piece of thick rope.Get a strong, durable rope that won’t break over time under the weight of your skateboard. Opt for a rope that’s at least inch (0.64 cm) in diameter for best results. Use a ruler or measuring tape to measure about {{convert|25|in|cm|} and use a sharp knife to cut the rope at this point.
  2. Tie a knot on each end of the rope and burn them.Tie a simple knot each end of your piece of rope and pull the ends tight. Carefully hold a lighter just under 1 end for a couple of seconds to burn it, and then repeat this process of the other end. This should help to keep the ends of the rope from fraying.
  3. Mark where you want to hang the skateboard on your wall.Use a pencil and a ruler to mark 2 horizontal lines on your wall. These lines should be equal in height but about 14 inches (36 cm) apart.
  4. Push screws through the knots and screw them into the wall.Push a screw through the center of 1 of the knots and screw it into 1 of your marked spots with a screwdriver. Repeat this on the other side. Then, you can hang up your board vertically on the rope by 1 of its trucks.

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  • You may hurt yourself if you aren’t familiar with working with tools. Be careful, and make sure to ask for someone’s help if you need to.
  • Take safety precautions when handling fire to prevent injuries and other fire-related accidents.

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