How to improve imagination and imagination?

Imagining is not only pleasant, but also useful, so that imagination can and even needs to be developed. But how to do it?

So, how to develop your imagination? Useful tips:

  1. Each of us watches TV, but it can be done for the benefit of the imagination. So, turn on the movie or cartoon, but turn off the sound. Watch what is happening on the screen and try to mentally voice the main characters, imagining what they could say. Come up with a plot, think what could be the intonation of the characters.
  2. If you have recently seen some movie or performance, then you can put yourself in the shoes of one of the characters, think about how you would act in a given situation. Also try to come up with another ending or even dream up another hero.
  3. If you have difficulties, get the most out of them. Even if you have found a solution, imagine how the situation could have evolved differently. Think of a few more ways to solve the problem, and not necessarily possible and real.For example, you can imagine that you have some unique abilities that can help you.
  4. Dream it! Yes, everyone should dream, it helps not only to develop the imagination, but also to strive for the implementation of the plan. For example, if you dream of your own home, then imagine the place in which it will be located. It may even be a seashore or an island. Think over to the smallest detail the interior of the home, its facade. Mentally arrange the furniture, fantasize about how you live in a new house.
  5. If you have a child, you can also connect it. Together invent fairy tales. Ask the kid to come up with one character, and you think of another. Together, think about what the characters do and how they live. Then fantasize some amazing event that will change the life of the characters and the course of the tale. Think about how the characters will behave, what all will end in the end.
  6. If you drive public transport, consider people. But do it unobtrusively, otherwise your behavior will cause suspicion. Just look at the person once, fix his image in the memory and invent his life, destiny.Imagine who he could work with, describe all his family members, his relatives, his hobbies, and so on.
  7. A simple technique called “Five Points” will help to develop your imagination. On a sheet in a chaotic order, put five points. Now connect them so that you get some kind of drawing. Then put the five points again and connect them in another way. Make a few drawings, complete each to get the composition.
  8. Help to train and develop the imagination of the artist will help drawing various processes and phenomena. For example, try to draw your thoughts, morning in space, night on another planet, some non-existent mythical creature. Images may be abstract, it is only welcome. Be sure to add paint, and the most different, bright.
  9. You can try to come up with "fan fiction", as fans of famous movies and TV shows. In general, “fanfic” is a prehistory, another option or a continuation of a story previously invented by someone. If you have a favorite movie, think about how it could have started, how it could have ended differently, how it could have continued after the final.
  10. Books will help to diversify the personality and to train the imagination, and without a picture without fail. Read, mentally describe the characters, their facial expressions, thoughts, objects around them.
  11. Try changing your hand sometimes. A definite hemisphere is responsible for each hand (for the right - left, and for the left - right). And if both are involved, then two hemispheres will work at once, which, of course, will help to think creatively.
  12. Play in an exciting and interesting game "What if". Just imagine different unusual phenomena. For example, think what will happen if a person can fly, if people do not sleep, if animals start talking, if the sky turns pink, if they start selling new brains and so on. And the more unexpected and sometimes even crazy your thoughts are, the more active your imagination will work.
  13. It will help to develop imagination creativity, and any. You can draw, write poems or songs, develop new styles of clothing, create soap, sew or embroider, knit and so on.
  14. Try to come up with unusual names for the most common items. For example, a fork could be called “food”, and a spoon “vrotylozhilka”.In general, think associate things with some actions, and from these actions make up unusual words. It's not only fun, but also useful.
  15. Do not give your friends and relatives banal gifts, come up with pleasant and unusual surprises. For example, if a friend is engaged in business, then present him with a "Pig of ideas". Let it be the usual bank. Put in her notes with useful tips that you think could help increase revenue. If the mother is a seller, then present her with a soft seat for a chair with a “sales engine”, which can play the role of springs. In general, fantasize and think creatively, in order not only to develop the imagination, but also to delight loved ones.
  16. Look at the clouds and think about what each of them looks like. Look into the outlines, do not think about the real, think abstractly and connect the imagination. For example, in a round cloud, you can see the face or face of an animal.
  17. You can put blots on a sheet of paper and think what they look like.
  18. Try to guess on wax, it's very exciting! Take a saucer, fill it with water. Prepare a candle, set it on fire and drip melting wax in water.In the forming solidifying figures, try to view objects or even events.
  19. Communicate more with interesting and creative people, it is interesting and useful. Discuss their ideas, ask them to talk about thoughts, ask for opinions.
  20. Look for inspiration. His source can be travel, new experiences, some interesting hobby and so on.
  21. Look for unusual solutions to problems. For example, if you have something broken, try to carry out a mini-repair, using the materials at hand, or even replace the thing with another.
  22. Engage in visualization. For example, if you strive for something, then clearly imagine that this has already happened. So, if you are developing a project, think about what its presentation will be, how you will speak, how your ideas will be approved.

Let the tips help you learn to use your imagination and think creatively!

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