How to improve your best qualities

First you need to identify your strengths. Please note that you are doing better than others. At the same time it is important that this activity gives you pleasure, was a joy. Search in various fields, not only at work. Perhaps you are a born leader or organizer, you can cook or sculpt from clay better than others. You can even find a few skills that distinguish you from others, it is with them and to work.
Every quality needs to be improved. For example, you are a good speaker, and you can speak to the public. This may or may not be required at your place of work. But it is important to study this direction in order to become an even greater specialist every day. It is necessary to read books that help develop these skills, to gain theoretical knowledge that will be useful in further use.
If there is a base of skills, you need to work with them in practice.The use of technologies and methods obtained in lectures or books will allow you to see the shortcomings and eliminate them. Every quality over time, if not used, is lost. It is necessary to train him regularly to have a result. To do this, find a club of interests where your knowledge will be needed and useful. Perhaps you will not immediately make money on it, but you need to start somewhere.
If the best qualities are manifested in athletes, the coach begins to observe this and, if possible, improve this data. From the outside you can always see what is happening, how training is progressing. Therefore, find a specialist who will help you. Today there are many trainings and seminars that allow you to develop a variety of abilities. Look for those that will make you very effective. Sometimes it takes several years of training to succeed.
Be sure to set goals. What quality you would not develop, you need to understand where you are going. Think how much better they should be during the year? If you have an understanding of what you are striving for, it will be easier to go. You can break this path in stages to track the results you’ve got.It is important to establish not only the stages of development, but also the time frame within which they must be reached, this will stimulate and help.
Always dream big. Think, and where you can apply your best qualities, find the most attractive place, and set a goal - to be there. Of course, it can take years, but this is not so much, because the realization of a dream is magical. Know that you are improving not just like that, but for the sake of a big goal. And if you don’t give up and take on systematic work, success will surely come.

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