How to install the interior door yourself. Instructions.

Putting the assembled door block is not as difficult as it seems. Here it is important that all previous steps are done correctly. You need to competently make a measurement and select the canvas.

Before buying and installing it is worth considering a few important rules:

  • First, you need to determine the parameters of the door unit. Its thickness should already be a doorway of 3-4 cm, and the height - less than 2 cm.
  • Secondly, you need to pay special attention to the width of the door unit. It should be equal to the thickness of the partition in which the interroom door will be installed.

Self-assembly of the door

After the selected interior doors from an array or chipboard delivered, you can proceed to their installation.

The firstWhat needs to be done is to remove the door leaf from the awnings. In the case of the use of permanent canopies they should be unscrewed.

Very often during work the door frame loses a rectangular shape.To prevent this from happening, it is recommended to fix the fixing slats on the corners. Each rail must form a triangle with a box. You should not drive nails to the very end, as they will have to be pulled out later. Nails should enter from the inner edge of the box no closer than 1.5 cm. In this case, the holes can be hidden with the help of platbands.

5 straight hangers should be fixed on the outside of the door frame bars. For this it is worth using screws. 1 is attached from above, on a pair of hangers - from the right and left sides. At the same time, their ends protruding beyond the edge of the timber should have the same length.

The upper suspension is fixed in the middle, and the left and right hangers are attached with an indent from the corners of 30 cm. In the building materials store, you can purchase a direct suspension - a galvanized metal strip having 2 rows of round holes, the length of which is 30 cm and the width is 5 cm.

Next step- This is the installation of the box in the opening. The ends of direct suspensions should be pressed to the wall. Lock the box in the opening can be done using flat wooden stakes. At the same time it is necessary to ensure that the distance between the edge of the wall and the box is almost the same.It is not recommended to hammer the pegs, they are inserted manually with a slight tap. In some cases, you can use a hammer. The pegs are placed near the lower and upper corners between the box and the wall.

The most difficult stage when installing interior doors is to achievevertical position of the box relative to the plane, perpendicular to it, and the plane of the wall is very difficult. To facilitate this work, it is recommended to use a building level that has transverse bubbles and has a length of 60-80 cm. If there is no building level at hand, you can use a carpentry plumb.

  • First of all, you need to expose the timber and with the help of a peg to achieve its vertical position in two planes.

  • After this, it is necessary to note the places where direct suspensions will be fastened.

  • Next, you need to bend the suspensions in turn, drill holes in them, insert dowels and bend them with screws.

  • After that, you need to check once again how vertically the box is, and the correctness of the corners, with a positive result, tighten the screws.

  • If direct suspensions strongly protrude, they must be cut so that they are not visible behind the rims.

It is very important to remember that the main task is to install the box in the correct position.

After the box has been installed, you should proceedinstallation of cloth. For final fixation of the door it is worth using mounting foam. However, extreme caution and caution must be exercised here, since in the polymerization process the foam can expand 2 times, and this can lead to deformation and damage to the structure. To prevent this, it is necessary to open the box with wooden slats. However, there is another way. To do this, close the doors and insert thin chips between the box and the cloth every 40 cm. The resulting gap is worth filling up with foam.

How to install trim?

At the last stage of installation of an interroom door installation of platbands is performed. In fact, this procedure is not complicated. The most important thing is to put the markup correctly. To do this, with the help of a pencil, you need to draw the cut points. Then fold them so that they exactly coincide with each other, and after that cut off.For cutting use mash, as this tool with ease allows you to trim at the right angle. If you do not have a bunk at hand, then you will need to measure an angle of 45 degrees to begin with. For cutting, you can use a hacksaw with fine teeth.

With the help of decorative nails with small hats trimmed nails. If there are no such nails, then you can use the usual ones, but in this case it is necessary to bite the hats with pliers.

Check yourself!

  • If the interior door opens and closes when lightly pressed, then the installation was correct.
  • If the door leaf remains in place where you left it ajar, the installation work was successful.
  • If the door leaf includes latches or spring clips, then they should only be activated when pressed.
  • The door should not make any sounds or have a backlash. If she squeaks, then you did something wrong.
  • If a component such as a threshold is not included in the door leaf, the distance between the floor and the door should not be more than 1 cm.

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