How to keep and build relationships at a distance

Surely, almost every person has an example of relationships that develop at a distance. We will not exaggerate and deceive, the majority of couples still can not cope with the difficulties of such a relationship, the joy of communication and meetings are lost and people, as a result, break up.

But it is also true that in many respects not the “difficult” life is to blame, but just the people themselves, who do not understand that any relationship is hard work and work on oneself, and relations at a distance are work twice, without doing which just won't work.

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If it happened that two people met and loved each other, but it happened that due to circumstances (promotion, family problems, studying in another city) you had to leave, then you need to learn all the points and rules that will help keep your relationship at a distance.

And then no thousand kilometers will be able to separate your strong pair, and even when it becomes very difficult, you can always cope with the situation.And if suddenly it will help you, the lion’s share of Americans live in different cities, but at the same time they do an excellent job with their relationships at a distance, develop them and form families.

And, most likely, each person has a happy example of a couple who, after many years of life, still formed a happy family. How do they do it? Let's try to figure it out.

Recommendations for distance relationships

Communication and communication again!

It also happens that couples who live in the same city can only be seen on weekends, this is a big deal, but this is a fact that is sometimes very destructive for relationships, even though they are much closer to each other.

And the thing is that people forget to chat! Fortunately, modern progress has reached the point that, being half a world away from its halves, you can always call up on Skype and see each other, chat in a chat, email and constantly exchange SMS messages.

Many people neglect such important moments, call each other only occasionally, which ultimately leads to the “erasure” of the need to communicate with each other.It is necessary that your half always occupies a defining place in everyday life.

During the day, you can always throw off some nice words by SMS, and on the way from work to chat about what happened during the day, and in the evening before going to bed discuss personal topics. It is important to draw up a joint schedule, which you will both adhere to, knowing that at this time you need to make phone calls, and on the weekends you must communicate by Skype. Only such a discipline will help to not lose the need for one's half.

Joint future

It is very important to know whether you have a future, what you want to eventually come to, relations at a distance require such nourishment. You must constantly discuss what you want to come to, faith in a life together, children and a happy family should always be present between you. It is imperative to believe that the distance that separates you at the moment is manageable, and this will happen in the future.

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Two loving people should constantly make every effort to be together, to use any opportunity to meet. Even if you already used a joint vacation, but feel that you need to see your soul mate, then it's better to take a couple of days off at your own expense, but still realize your wish.

Of course, such an aspiration must be on both sides, and if one of the partners "only" accepts your aspirations and impulses, then it is worthwhile to think about whether you need such a relationship at all?

Joint pastime

Yes, yes, do not be surprised, being thousands of kilometers apart, you can still have common hobbies and activities. And it is even necessary if you want your partner to be aware of your life, because of the household trifles and occupations, it is composed. For example, do you both like to ride a bicycle?

Call during the drive through the park, discuss the little things that you see around you: grannies on the bench, children on the court, fragrant flowers and a gentle sun. Maybe you like to cook, so figure something together, everyone in your kitchen, but while being at a video conference on skype. You can even watch movies together, synchronously, and in parallel in the next chat window discuss everything that happens. Perhaps this will seem to you something superfluous, but believe me, this is not so, you must create the effect of the presence of each other in your life with all your strength.

Gifts and surprises

Do not forget that although you are at a distance, but your half would like to feel, sometimes, something tangible, something that touched her half.

Especially, this refers to the beautiful half, just send her flowers by the delivery service, cute postcards or small surprises that will be sent by mail, will add considerable effect. It is also important that your half has some kind of trinket that will always remind her of you and vice versa. This, for example, pendant, bracelet, ring, which can always be with you.

The pros and cons of distance relations

Do not forget that relationships at a distance are not only sheer difficulties, but even in them you can find positive aspects that people who constantly live together do not exactly have. For example, you will certainly have less quarrels because of household trivia, each your meeting is always filled with joy, emotions and happiness, you less often rip off anger on each other, because you understand how precious the minutes spent together.

Unlike couples who are constantly together, you have time for self-development, for hobbies and meetings with friends, you can spend more time with family and friends if they are there next to you.

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But the cons, of course, are known to all. The main problem that torments most couples is distrust, people are afraid that their half might not agree, change or find something else.And jealousy and distrust are the surest ways to destroy even the most gentle and strong relationship.

Therefore, if it so happens, and you have to live apart for some time, you have to trust your soul mate, his honesty and innocence should not even be discussed. But, of course, not to blind stupidity, if you see the obvious facts, then perhaps it is time to finish what you have so carefully kept all this time. And the distance or not, if a person wants, he will leave and from his half, with whom he lives in the same apartment, so the distance is not an indicator.

Many people wonder whether relations are possible at a distance, they want to get an answer from third parties. But, if this topic has touched you, first of all, honestly ask yourself, and if you can follow all the rules, and what awaits you at the end. And only then you will understand whether the game is worth the candle.

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