How to learn to dance a waltz?

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How to learn to dance a waltz?

Waltz is a dance with which the cavaliers manage to turn a lady in the literal and figurative sense for the third century. This amazing technique is omnipresent and versatile. This dance is performed at graduation, weddings, dance parties and competitions. If you thought about how to learn how to dance a waltz, then this article is for you. We will look at how to dance a Viennese waltz.

Dancing the waltz

Waltz - dance doubles, so you need to work it out together. It is advisable to train a guy in shoes, and a girl in shoes or sandals on a small and very stable heel.

This dance is danced on three accounts: one-two-three, one-two-three.

  1. Let's start with the waltz with a turn. Accept the correct direction of movement: mentally draw a circle in the hall, stand on the line of the circle in the position “face along the line of dance” (that is, look where you are going), turn left 45 degrees to the left. Soften your knees. On the “one” account, step forward with your right foot along the line of dance.Steps to do with the heel on the whole foot. On the count of “two,” step your left foot over the line of dance. On the count of “three,” turn your body along the line of dance and place your right foot on the left. Do this not with a jerk, but as if stretching your leg along the floor. You've already learned half the waltz turn.
  2. We now turn to the study of the second half. Take your left foot a step back and to the left on the “one” account. Leave it on the “two” (not completely) on your left foot, simultaneously putting your right foot back and to the right. At the count of "three" pull your left leg to the right and fully turn your face along the line of dance.
  3. When you start to perform a waltz turn under the score, turn on the music and practice to rotate under it. As soon as both of you are confident in your own strength, go to the pair training.
  4. Close in a pair. The girl should stand with her back in the line of dance, and the guy should face. The partner holds the girl under the spatula with her right hand, and with the left holds her hand. The right hand of the girl is in the partner’s hand, and the left hand is on his shoulder. The elbow of the partner’s left arm (right partner) is slightly bent. Leads in the dance is always a partner. Due to this interaction in the pair, it will be much easier for you to rotate.The partner starts with the right foot to the right and then dances as he had been taught before. The partner begins to dance the bunch in reverse: first, the second part (with the left foot back and to the left), and then the first part (with the right foot forward and to the right).

Remember that the first step is the most powerful. He performs on a strong musical beat, at the expense of "one."

Thus waltz is dancing.

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