How to learn to live and think positive?

Life consists of pleasant and negative events. Focusing on the failures and sad moments, we become irritable and rude. At the same time, any situation carries both positive and negative events. It is important which side you choose and what you focus on. Positive thinking opens up new opportunities, throws up solutions and gives a start to development. But it is not easy to manage thoughts, especially for pessimists. How to learn to live and think positive?

The benefits of positive thinking

Today even schoolchildren know about the materiality of thoughts. What are these statements based on and what do positive emotions give a person? Physiologist Pavlov proved that the physical and mental state depends on the emotions experienced during life. The scientist came to the conclusion that a person is able to provoke positive or negative emotions. We conclude that any person can develop the skill of positive thinking.How to learn to live and think positive?

The benefits of positive emotions:

  1. Joy and laughter lead to the production of endorphins and catecholamines. The first hormone acts as an anesthetic. Catecholamines are able to stop and eliminate inflammation.
  2. During a laugh, a person's cheeks blush. Occurs as a result of increased heart rate. These are natural exercises for blood vessels.
  3. Laughter promotes muscle relaxation. In humans, sleep is normalized, stressful situations are more easily tolerated.
  4. Smile and fun is one way to cure depression and return to normal life.How to learn to live and think positive?

Positive thinking prolongs life, strengthens the immune system of a person, improves physical and mental condition. Take a laugh for 5 minutes. in a day. After a month, you will notice that the mood has improved, the physical condition has strengthened, pleasant emotions have appeared.

How do you think?

It is peculiar for a person to see himself in a better light. Do you consider yourself an avid optimist, while smiling only on holidays? Take the test to know for sure how you are thinking.

  1. It was a busy and eventful day. You had a lot of things, but you didn’t do a small thing. Pessimists reproach themselves for the past day, remembering a task not done.As a result, the day is considered unsuccessful and brought negative moments. This process is called filtering. The man throws back the good, and concentrates on negative events. Approach the situation objectively, remember how many cases you managed to do in a day. Learn to filter positive events.
  2. The girlfriend talked to you dryly, a friend did not respond to a smile, the chief did not say hello. These and similar moments are taken into account. The whole day is spent in the company, what he did wrong, what offended, how to fix the situation. In fact, it turns out that the girlfriend was at work, the friend did not get enough sleep, and the boss was in a hurry for important negotiations. Stop individualizing, you are not a source of problems for others.How to learn to live and think positive?
  3. In the morning, coffee ran away, the neighbor again complains about the trampling and loud music, overslept and is late for work. Similar moments for many work like a red rag for a bull. A person is angry, irritated, as a result, mistakes and calls for big failures. Negative mood in the morning is postponed for the whole day. It is therefore not surprising that he does not bring positive points.Discard the dramatization. A runaway coffee and a neighbor is a small piece of life. Approach the situation with a positive, make a neighbor a compliment, and drink coffee with a friend in a cozy institution.
  4. Black or white. It is common to many people to divide events into good and bad. These include the saying “Either pan or disappeared”; there is no other outcome of events. In fact, there are many shades of gray in life. Do not consider the situation from the standpoint of a 100% victory or a complete failure. Polarization is one of the causes of negative thinking. Look for a middle ground.How to learn to live and think positive?

If in the described situations you have found more than 2-3 coincidences, then it's time to act. Practice your positive thinking skill. To do this, conduct classes daily. Over time, you will notice that you have overcome the uncertainty, the social circle has changed, you have become calmer.

How to learn to think positively?

There is no single scheme that helps positive attitude. Each person selects and makes his own rules of life. If there are no developments and you need to start with something, then use the generally accepted tips. How to learn to think positively?

  1. Explore the environment. A person is highly dependent on society and people's opinions.When making decisions, we often consult with acquaintances, look for like-minded people and refuse new projects due to the pessimism of loved ones. In this case, we do not notice that thinking is formed under the influence of those around us. See who is around you. If in the majority there are people who are prone to negative judgments, sad, loving to tell scary stories, then refuse to communicate with them. Can't completely break the connection? Then keep communication to a minimum, and as soon as you hear a negative and dull story, then turn the conversation to another topic.How to learn to live and think positive?
  2. New acquaintances. Communicate with people who emit positive. Try to make friends with fun people, often be in their company. Laughter, jokes, smiles will enter your life. Gradually, you will notice changes, you will have more fun, positive statements will appear.
  3. Control your thoughts. For a start, practice at home, replace negative statements with positive ones. For example, “I will not manage” to “I will do my best to accomplish this task.” Next, catch yourself on the negative and replace the templates. After a while, you learn to think positively. If an unpleasant situation occurs, immediately disassemble it.What bad has happened, how it will affect your life. See that nothing terrible has happened.
  4. Scoop a positive from books and films. The TV is full of realistic pictures of tragedies and terrible incidents. Such programs leave a negative precipitate, disturbing. In similar situations, the brain does not look for options for an exit, but substitutes scary pictures seen on TV. Eliminate such programs from viewing and replace the broadcasts with comedies, melodramas, stories of famous people.How to learn to live and think positive?

It is important to understand that you need to live here and now. Errors and unpleasant situations from the past, leave and forget. Also do not run ahead of what will happen in the future. You will not remember today's problem in 5 years. Therefore, evaluate each situation objectively, taking into account the real life. You will see that there are more positive moments than negative ones.

Consolidating positive statements

Work on yourself suggests a long way. The acquisition of a new skill is accompanied by several stages. The first week a person is happy with the results and believes in success. Then gets tired of the actions performed.At this stage it is important not to give in to the opinion of others. There is always someone who mocks your beginnings. Other people do not like what you are working on yourself. Continue to train further. After 2 months, positive thinking will become familiar.How to learn to live and think positive?

To make the adaptation process easier, fix positive statements:

  1. Communicate with children. That's who has a positive reserve of readiness. Children are spontaneous, cheerful and ready to laugh at anything. You do not need to invent anything, just join the children's game. Get a lot of fun and positive emotions.
  2. Do it. Hobbies help distract from problems and recharge with positive emotions. Try to draw, compose verses, cut out a tree, embroider a cross. Creative activities relax and develop.
  3. Give up the "not" part. Try to practice and replace the expression, leaving the same meaning. For example, the phrase "not sick" is "healthy". The "not" part sets the negative mood and the negative.
  4. Play sports. Start with the obligatory walks on the street. Enough 1 hour a day to improve your health.Next, go to the gym, sign up for yoga, dance, fitness. The next step is proper nutrition.How to learn to live and think positive?

Joke, stock up with interesting stories and anecdotes. Share positive emotions with others. What we send to the Universe is what we get. The law of reflection works. Form around you a successful, cheerful and responsive environment.

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