How to lift your weight in 2018

You will need
  • Day regimen, balanced nutrition, workout
Nutrition is one of the most important componentsthe weighta. At least fifty percent of success depends on the right balanced diet. What kind of food is right? First, the food should be divided into small portions, which should be distributed intothe weightb day. The best is five to six meals a day. Secondly, the building material for our body - protein food. These are the "bricks" that make up our body. Therefore, in order to gain the most effective muscle mass, you need to eat protein at the rate of 2 grams per kilogram of the body. Foods rich in protein - meat and dairy foods, mushrooms, nuts, egg.
Training plays an important role in the recruitment of muscle mass, as well as in the normalization of the physiological processes of the body. Regular workouts in the gym make a person stronger, more adaptable to the difficulties and hardships. The most effective exercises for speed dialingthe weighta - squatting with a barbell (increases the weight of the legs, back, increases endurance) and bench press. Bench press with a barbell - a universal way. It allows you to form strong arms (biceps, triceps), chest. The optimal number of workouts per week is 2-3 for 2 hours.
Rest and sleep is a component that many people forget, but it is necessary for a healthy person.

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