How to make a bootable flash drive

How to make a bootable flash drive

How to make a bootable flash drive

Now, when the world is moving and the disks are gradually forgotten, you need to know how to make a bootable flash drive. Convenience in transportation and storage are not the only advantages of flash drives. In addition, they are much more compact and convenient, the transfer of information is much faster, and the chance to spoil the equipment is reduced to zero. It is also not always possible to use the boot disk due to the lack of a floppy disk drive, and USB connectors are everywhere.


Without realizing it, people are moving into the world of flash drives, their constant use makes itself felt. Reducing sales of CD / DVD drives and increasing the number of Flash drives among computer users is all the same. In this article we omit some of the arguments and explanations, and immediately proceed to the answer to the question of how to make a bootable flash drive.



How to make a bootable USB flash drive



The usual copying and moving is not enough. Just throwing an image with the operating system, you get nothing.Your computer or laptop does not recognize it as bootable, and will not take any action. That is why just below will be presented information on how to make a bootable flash drive. There are many methods to achieve this result, this article will analyze the most optimal and simplest of all. Even the most inexperienced users will be able to deal with this issue.


So, we need a special software, which is distributed on the Internet absolutely free of charge. The program that you need to download is called win to flash, it will help you figure out how to make a bootable flash drive. If you translate the name literally, it will sound like this: Windows on a flash drive. The program will prepare the equipment in order to make it bootable and transfer all files without losing data. The whole process is very fast, the user needs to complete a couple of clicks, so everything is quite simple. Let's see how to use the program.


  • First of all, visit the official website of the product, where you can download the program itself. You are offered several ways to download, select the best and most suitable for you, then go to the next step.
  • Now, to understand how to make a bootable flash drive with winxp, pay attention to the preparation of the distribution with the operating system. You can take it at least anywhere, for example, download on the Internet from any torrent tracker. The network contains a wide variety of assemblies, ranging from pure versions and ending with complete sets with drivers and useful software. The main thing is that the files be presented as an image with the iso extension.
  • Insert the disc into the DVD drive, and the flash drive into the usb connector. If you downloaded a disk image from the Internet, then mount it using special programs. By the way, if you are not familiar with the extensions, then it will be useful to read about how to open the pdf file.
  • The next step is to click on the win to flash program label. You have already done almost everything, only a few steps are left. The first window that appears in front of you will prompt you to do everything step by step, without missing anything. This mode is suitable for novice users, those who are not familiar with the program. Click the big green button. The installation wizard will inform you that the installation will begin soon, but you can always use the advanced mode.
    How to make a bootable flash drive

    How to make a bootable flash drive

  • Now a window has opened before you, where there are several fields. The first of them is responsible for where your image is, i.e. You need to pave the way to your pre-mounted image. The bottom field is responsible for where the removable media is located, which needs to be made bootable. To find out its letter, go to My Computer and look at its name. When the installation process begins, you will see with your own eyes that this method is much simpler than dos.
    How to make a bootable flash drive

    How to make a bootable flash drive

  • At the next stage, you just have to wait and watch the process. The program will perform the necessary actions and settings, it will take about 15 minutes, depending on the power of your computer. After installing on your flash drive will already be a backup copy with the operating system.


How to make a bootable flash drive video



This will describe in detail the process of creating a bootable drive. Visual instruction, like nothing else, will help you to understand the necessary software and settings. Since the rearrangement of windows is a fairly frequent process, save the link to this lesson and video so that you do not have to look for this information again.As you have already noticed, to make the wondows xp bootable flash drive easier than ever, the main thing is to use high-quality software and be able to turn on the computer. If there are those who still could not figure out the program, leave the questions in the commentary and they will definitely help you. Any difficulties can be overcome, for this you can use other methods. But I do not think that you will find it easier than this.

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