How to make a floor in Minecraft?

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How to make a floor in Minecraft?

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How to make a floor in Minecraft?

Many dream of building a house of their dreams, in the game Minecraft it is possible. That's just it will take a lot of time and resources. After all, you have to recreate every detail of your home. Below will be written how to make the floor in Minecraft.

Making the floor in Minecraft

When you mark the future construction, remember that one block will occupy the floor, so the construction of the walls must be started from the zero level. For the floor is best to use ordinary wooden boards. But you can experiment with wood, because there are 7 kinds of them in the game. Thus, you will be able to make the floor with the original pattern.

As soon as you build the frame of your home, you need to count the number of blocks that will be spent on the floor. If you build a house of ordinary form, then you need to multiply the length by the width. For a two- or three-story building, increase the resulting number accordingly.

Remember that from one block of wood you can get four boards.But first you will need to find the trees you need in the vast world of Minecraft. It is necessary to extract as many blocks of wood as possible, therefore you should prefine the ax in advance, so you will significantly speed up the process of obtaining material. Often tree saplings fall out during logging; you need to plant them immediately, so you will not remain without wood in the future.

Think over the pattern that you would like to create from boards. If you stay on the monochrome version, the house will be very comfortable. A lover of contrast will like chess and other patterns of different types of wood. It is recommended to use two or three types of boards, so the floor will not be mottled. You can also lay carpets that complement the home.

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