How to make a moon manicure

How to make a moon manicureOnce Coco Chanel said that a real lady can not afford to leave the house without a manicure or hairstyle. And though sometimes we do not have any free time or financial opportunities to visit expensive beauty salons, but a woman simply has no right to start herself. After all, you can arrange your own manicure room "at home".

What is a moon manicure

Now the moon manicure is again at the peak of its glory. Many world stars (Rihanna, Madonna, Sherliz Theron, Keti Peri) are fans of this nail art and very often do it for social gatherings, and for every day.
How to make a moon manicure
It turns out that women of fashion 20-30 years very often used this nail design to complete their image. At the same time, the nails at the base did not stain at all. Now they continue to do vintage manicure with transparent or with holes of natural shades. Dior's house breathed new life into it when he released a new collection, and the models that presented it came out on the main fashion catwalk with the moon neil-art.He was already significantly different from the original and color combinations, and the dyed part at the base. Make a moon manicure is very simple, and not even a professional will be able to repeat it at home. It is only necessary to adhere to certain conditions.
How to make a moon manicure

Do it yourself

If you decide to try to make this beauty yourself, for a start I advise you to use ready-made stencils for French manicure. Over time, when you already adapt to the process better, they will not be useful to you.
How to make a moon manicure
You will need: a nail file, two varnishes, stickers for a French manicure, a fixative, a base.
So let's get started:

  • We prepare the nails with a nail file and give them the desired size and shape;
  • we remove the cuticle and the keratinized skin;
  • apply lacquer base and wait a few minutes;
  • paint the nails with the varnish that should remain at the base, dry for 5-10 minutes, and apply another layer;
  • the varnish should be completely dry, then gently glue the stickers and apply varnish of a different color;
  • if necessary, paint another layer with another varnish and dry nails until completely dry;
  • from above we put a fixer and we dry;
  • if you wish, you can apply nourishing oil to the cuticle, which contains essential oils and vitamin E.


Turn on the fantasy

How to make a moon manicure
Moon manicure is quite versatile. You can use gentle neutral tones, and it will be a great addition to your business style. Or use bright combinations of varnishes, and all attention at the party will be riveted to you. Such color variations as black with blue, red with white, yellow with green, blue with pink look great. You can unleash the imagination and try new colors. A great end to this nail design can be a variety of sequins, glitter, beads, pebbles and other decorations.
How to make a moon manicure
Manicure with pastel tender holes looks very elegant. Add them with red, pink or other bright varnish, and it will turn out very elegantly and festively. In addition, it can be combined with other unusual patterns, with flowers, figures, modeling.
How to make a moon manicure
Many of you have probably already decided to make a such beauty. Try it, and you will definitely get no worse, and maybe better.

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