How to make a card dad?

It has long been accepted to give for holidays, if not gifts, then postcards. Thus, you show a person that you remember him, love him, or just want to please and do something pleasant. Let's see in this article how to make a postcard dad.

Cards with applications

For the holiday of February 23, you can present your beloved daddy a card with or without appliqué, made especially for him. In order to make a postcard for dad do-it-yourself you just need to make a pleasant, colored paper, scissors, pencils and glue. Since almost all dads love technology, you can decorate a postcard with an airplane, a rocket, a helicopter, a machine, etc.

Postcard with the application of the ship (option 1)

Let's try to make a postcard with the application of the ship.

For this you need:

  • cut a rectangle out of cardboard, fold it in half.
  • Cut a trapezium out of colored paper and stick it on the outside of the folded cardboard.
  • On white paper, draw and cut two triangles, they will serve your ship with sails.Glue them over the trapezoid in any shape.
  • For a stronger resemblance to a real ship, you can draw a mast and decorate it with a flag or a ribbon
  • Inside you can write congratulations to dad. Postcards make it a snap.

Postcard with the application of the ship (option 2)

For the manufacture of this card, we need: colored cardboard, round pattern, scissors, colored paper, pencils.

  • Fold a rectangular sheet of cardboard in half and on one of the parts, exactly in the middle, cut a circle using a template.
  • Two triangles should be cut out of colored paper, one larger and one smaller. The one that is larger, fold in half and glue evenly on the center of the sheet so that the acute angle is slightly higher than the round hole is placed. We have sails.
  • The triangle, which is smaller, glue to the base so that we have the bottom of the ship.
  • If desired, you can draw and cut the waves.
  • You can also write on board the name of the vessel.

Postcard with a typewriter

In order to make such a card, we need: colored paper, cardboard, scissors, glue, pencils.

  • Initially we make the basis for a postcard from a rectangular cardboard.
  • Draw a car silhouette on a sheet of colored paper. Wheels and glass, you can draw on a sheet of paper, a different color.
  • Cut and glue the machine on the base.
  • As a background, you can draw and cut trees, sunshine, clouds.
  • Dad's greeting card is ready!

Postcard with a picture of a flying plane

In order to make a postcard we need: colored paper, cardboard, scissors, glue, pencils.

  • Do the foundation on the same principle as in the previous cases. But for the visibility of the fact that the plane is high in the sky, it is better to take a cardboard gently blue.
  • Cut a plane out of colored paper. Wings can be made in a different color. And stick it on the base.
  • Cut out several equally sized circles from white paper and glue them along the plane. They will play the role of portholes.
  • You can cut and paste, in random order clouds.

Now you know how to make a postcard. By the same principle, you can make a postcard for mom. That's just the plane and the ship will not work. Mothers prefer flowers, dogs, cats, or their own family painted by the hand of a child.

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