How to make a sweet bouquet of 15 Ferrero rocher chocolates?

Have you ever thought what you can give instead of flowers? In fact, while you bring a bouquet or bring it to the originator of the celebration, it can wither, it can be crumpled in public transport, and it costs not for long, only 3 days. There is an exit! In our master class description of how to make a sweet bouquet with your own hands.

Materials and tools:

- 15 chocolates brand Ferrero rocher;

- Scotch tape;

- floristic wire;

- Corrugated paper (brown and white);

- transparent packing paper;

- wrapping paper felt (white, you can use mesh or tulle material);

- wide satin ribbon;

- a small piece of cloth;

- ribbon;

- Stationery stapler;

Note: in order not to pierce the candy, we make an eyelet on the wire and place it under the candy.

Cut transparent packaging paper into small squares. We turn the chocolate candy, from below we substitute wire, we twist the packing on the wire and fix it on the scotch tape.So do with all the chocolates.

  1. Cut the white corrugated paper into small rectangles. Wrap around candy. We fix on the tape. Fold the edges of the paper with your fingers, it turns out "wave".
  2. Cut brown corrugated paper into larger rectangles than white ones. Wrap around white paper. We fix on the tape. Bend the edges.
  3. From the wrapping paper felt cut into squares. The square is bent in half, put the wire in the center and fix it on the scotch tape. We make several such wrappers (10-12 pieces).
  4. Getting to build a bouquet. In the left hand we take 3 candies, with the right hand we insert candy wrappers around, then another candy in a circle and then felt again, alternating. We tie a bouquet with a ribbon. The knot of the bouquet from the wire is bent to the base of the bouquet (so as not to damage the hands). We wrap the leg with a cloth. We fix.
  5. Cut off the white corrugated paper to fit into the bouquet. We fix the edges of the paper to the stapler. We slip inside the candy, we set.
  6. Cut off the corrugated paper brown. The edges are fixed on the stapler. We tie on a satin ribbon, we make a bow.

An original gift of 15 chocolates of the Ferrero rocher brand is ready!

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