How to make a thin waist

We tell what to do to the waist was as outlined as Kim Kardashian.


The first answer that comes to mind when asked how to find a thin and beautiful waist is to swing the press. Just not the way you were taught in school. If you do it lying down, it is obligatory to be straight when lifting your back (otherwise no sense). No need to rise and fall to the end - remember that in order for any exercise to be effective, constant tension is necessary. If you work out in the gym, it is better to swing the press on a special horizontal bar, lifting straight legs at an angle of about 45 degrees.

It is more difficult to work with oblique muscles, but if not to relax, the result will be ecstatic at every glance in the mirror. One of the best basic exercises is side twisting. Starting position - lying on the floor on its side. The upper arm is bent at the elbow to the head. When lifting the body should be tilted slightly forward.

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It is important to remember that, working with the abdominal muscles, it is necessary not to forget about the antagonist muscles - the spinal muscles. Only in this case will the figure be symmetrical and harmonious.

The simplest exercise known to our grandmothers is the hoop. Note that this is not a panacea, and they alone can not do. But a good aid is primarily due to the additional massage (buy a special massage hoop). In addition, classes with this simple subject will give your movements softness and grace.

How to make a thin waist

During training, take an example from Kim Kardashian and wear a fitness belt. Yes, it does work. Mainly due to the fact that the area under it is sweating more - fat goes faster. The bonus will be spectacular photos in the mirror of the gym.

Salon procedures


Injections of drugs that break down fat cells, you can enter almost anywhere, including in the waist area. The result is really noticeable, but you should understand that it will stay for a long time only on the condition that you do not eat pizza at night and as a result do not gain weight. The procedure is practically painless and takes little time - 30–40 minutes in one session. The number of injections will be determined by a beautician depending on the desired result.

Pinch massage

Even Hippocrates wrote: “Clenching and tingling of tissues leads to emaciation, tightening of the skin, thickening of the muscles and their hardness.” His statement has been tested for centuries.The massage technique, based on the alternation of light and more tangible tingling, helps to remove excess centimeters. After passing the course, the waistline will decrease by 5–7 centimeters.

VIP Line

Fitness for the lazy. Electrical impulses reduce the muscles, simulating a real workout, and at the same time help to remove excess water, waste and toxins from the body. The procedure will not replace real trips to the gym, but as a supplement to physical exertion it will be really good. Some salons promise a miracle result after the first session, but in this case you should not believe in fairy tales - it is better to take a course (the number of procedures will be determined by a specialist).

Liposonix device

The principle of operation of this device is ultrasonic energy, which is sent to problem areas and destroys fat cells by heating them. The result after the first procedure - the waist will lose a couple of centimeters. A nice bonus is the lifting effect.

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