How to make an online store?

In the digital age, the emergence of online stores was a predictable phenomenon. After all, such a store gives great advantages to its owner, who does not need to pay for renting premises for the store, and many do not pay taxes on profits. Create a site was absolutely not a problem, but to connect a virtual cashier for payment and even more so. Hiring a few couriers or delivering yourself is also quite easy. Perhaps in the distant future, this kind of stores will force out ordinary stores, which will become too unprofitable.

However, the creation of an online store and its promotion is not very simple for a person who has just started to master this area.

Let's take a closer look at how to make an online store on your own and how to promote it.

The purpose of the online store

Online stores are created with one goal - to sell as much as possible product. Therefore, it is necessary to do everything right to attract the right number of customers and stay in the black.This applies to everything - the design and functionality of the site, marketing and promotion to the masses, competent delivery and other things.

To bring the store to a good income, you will need to invest and try for development. This will take some time, sometimes from six months and more, and you also need to perform certain actions:

  1. Site creation.
  2. Attaching a payment system.
  3. Site promotion in various ways.

Consider each item in detail.

Creating a site for the store

The site of your online store is the face of your business. People will not use your site if it is made poorly, carelessly, ugly, inefficient and inconvenient. Your website must be the best to attract people from other similar stores, which are a huge variety on the Internet everywhere.

Site development

Therefore, the best solution would be to give the case to a professional who can and can. However, this will require funds, but it will be worth it, because the samopisny site is always better and more beautiful than the site, which is made using the designer. If the means constrain, then you can and use the site designers like.

There are enough such designers on the Internet for every taste and price. The essence of the designer is that you can build the site yourself, simply dragging the necessary icons and functions, as in Photoshop and similar programs. And most often, the site assembly will be free, but you will have to pay for the rent of a domain name and host.

Site name

The name of the site, which will be displayed in the address bar, also plays a huge role. It should be catchy and well remembered, and also should not be occupied by anyone else. This will provide you with additional advertising from the people who will mention the site.

Site design

Site design should be simple and beautiful. No need to enter a huge number of functions, buttons, awkward windows with ads and banners. This will scare the buyer. A simple, effective and beautiful site is what is needed for success.

Payment system

You also need to attach to the site a payment system that will be easy to use, add to it all the known virtual payment methods for convenience. Usually added to the site.

Promotion online store

In order for customers to come to you and buy, in addition to a good website, payment and delivery systems, you need to do advertising for your business, which at the beginning is only you and your friends know.

There are several ways to promote the Internet:

  1. The use of key queries in a search engine. The essence of this promotion is that your site will be issued by search engines for specific user requests. To do this, you only need to add keywords in the texts on the site, which are often written in search engines by the users themselves. You can use or think for yourself what words will be searched in the search by users most often for your product.
  2. Promotion through contextual advertising. You pay on Yandex, Google or other similar services for advertising on your store to be placed on various sites from which interested customers can come to you. This will require an investment. Also, advertising is divided into "clicks and impressions."
  3. Using the "word of mouth". This means that advertising will be conducted through reviews from third-party sites and forums. You can leave a promotional message yourself, or hire a professional freelancer in this area.
  4. Using trading platforms.The most popular marketplace is this. Using it, you can promote your site. Good reviews about your store, which your clients or the freelancer will leave your cunning way, will help to promote your store to the TOP. At other sites, everything is also tied to the reviews and advertising.
  5. You can also use bonus programs, discounts, contests and other things for promotion. It all depends on your imagination and means. But the main goal is always - an increase in store profits.

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