How to make correspondence accounts

A credit institution or its branch may open a correspondent account only from the date of entry in the "State registration book of all credit institutions" of the relevant record, as well as after assigning to it a specific registration number. In this case, the basis for its opening is the conclusion of an account agreement.
In order to open a correspondent account, a credit institution must provide the following necessary documents to a Bank of Russia subdivision (to a settlement network):
- Application for opening this correspondent account;
- a notarized copy of the license confirming the implementation of banking operations;
- Copies of constituent documents, which must also be notarized;
- the charter of the credit organization;
- certificate of state registration of the company (this credit institution);
- a copy of the statement on the transfer of funds from the savings temporary account to the main subaccount, as well as a letter from the registering authority.
You will also need a letter from the territorial office of the Bank of Russia with the appropriate confirmation of the approval of the candidacies of the head, as well as the chief accountant of the credit organization.
The organization needs to make a certificate confirming that the company is registered with the Mandatory Medical Insurance Fund, as well as a notarized card with a seal of the credit institution and with signatures (their samples) of the head, chief accountant, and authorized officials of the company, the right to sign which was agreed with the Bank of Russia.
The last item required is an information letter from the Main Interregional Center for the Distribution and Processing of All Statistical Information of the State Statistics Committee of Russia or a letter from a territorial body of State Statistics with codes assigned to this company according to all-Russian classifiers.

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