How to overcome the fear of the scene?

You prepared the text for a long time and attentively, and you know it almost by heart, picked up clothes, practiced talking in front of a mirror, and, it would seem, are completely ready to speak. But having stepped on the stage and seeing the full audience, confidence disappears somewhere, and with it the ability to speak coherently and clearly. Do you know this state? Then you have glossophobia - fear of public speaking. But from her, as well as from many other phobias, you can get rid of. We will describe the methods further.

Orator be!

Owning the basics of oratory is necessary for representatives of many professions. Some mistakenly believe that glossophobia is a feature of extremely shy and not very confident people. But this is not the case.

Sometimes those who do not have problems communicating with others can appear in front of the public with shaking hands and a trembling voice. What is the reason for this phobia? It is often found in the characteristics of upbringing and the presence of negative experience.

For example, if parents constantly asked a child to speak more quietly in public places, it is not strange that already an adult is afraid to speak in front of a large audience, where you need to speak loudly and clearly.

Any unsuccessful appearances on the scene are also saved in the subconscious by the installation, making it difficult to freely express your thoughts.

Studies confirm that during the manifestation of such fear in humans, approximately the same amount of adrenaline is released as during a parachute jump. And to cope with such a state can be very difficult.

Is there any way to help yourself? Of course. We have gathered for you some important tips:

  1. Do not be afraid to be imperfect. Even the most famous public figures are not afraid to make a mistake or make a reservation. After all, this is not a barrier to success. The main thing in such cases - to be able to quickly find a way out of this situation.
  2. Submit the result and go to it. How do people with gloss phobia behave? Even before the appearance before the public, they represent how they will be dishonored, how they will turn pale and stutter, how everyone will laugh. After this really want to just hide.And you can imagine the perfect result and believe in your success.

And even better - to live this moment. Imagine how calmly you pronounce the text, are confident in yourself, answer questions, successfully manage your task, and the audience approvingly discusses your speech.

  1. Speak what you know well. Your theme is your strong point. To look decent, you should start preparing in advance. This will help to correctly structure the information, to study unfamiliar moments, to train everything to speak.
  2. Choose the right image. Everything should be perfect - clothes, hair, manicure. If you are worried that some kind of force majeure might happen, prepare two sets of clothes.
  3. Breathe. Anxiety and stress provoke the tension of the muscles of the chest and respiratory tract, and this, in turn, is the reason that breathing becomes confused and becomes difficult to talk. It is possible to overcome such a state by usual deep breathing. It relaxes the muscles and soothes.
  4. Do not run around with your eyes. It often happens that the speaker, trying to understand the reaction of the public, begins to "run around" the hall, thereby distracting from his speech.Concentration on one person will help you to quickly pull yourself together and stop being nervous. Find a pleasant face, look at the nose of the person and then no reaction of those present can enter you into a stupor.

Fear of the scene - a phobia of many people. But the desire to work on yourself and improve yourself will certainly help to become more confident. Good luck!

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