How to pickle mushrooms for the winter - photo marinating recipes

How to pickle mushrooms for the winter - photo marinating recipes

How to pickle mushrooms for the winter - photo marinating recipes

Garlic is a common type of mushroom, which in its taste will give odds to even more noble specimens. In the forests you can find whole fields of honey agaric, which the hand does not rise to leave. Mushrooms can be harvested for the winter in various ways, you can freeze them, and you can marinate.


Marinated mushrooms, thanks to marinade and spices, have a pleasant, memorable taste, so this method is one of the most common. Especially suitable for marinating are small young honey agarics, they are marinated entirely, and they become an exquisite snack on any table. If honey tips are more mature, you can freeze them and then use them for cooking hot dishes, snacks, pates.


It does not matter how pickled mushrooms, in any way you need to prepare them accordingly. For this you need to thoroughly clean them from sand, leaves and earth.Cleaning is carried out after soaking in water, so better possible dirt will come off and sand will be removed, you can soak overnight in salt water. Then the mushrooms are cleaned by hand and selected - large, as already mentioned, you can freeze, and small neat mushrooms as well as possible are suitable for marinating.


For marinating 2 kilos you will need:


  • 3 liters of water
  • 2 tbsp. spoons of salt
  • 2 tbsp. spoons of sugar
  • 3 tbsp 9% table vinegar
  • A few cloves of garlic
  • A couple of leaves of bay leaf
  • 4 sweet peas and black pepper
  • Few clove buds
  • A few sprigs of dill


After cleaning the mushrooms, the mushrooms are poured with cold salted water, after which the pan is put on the fire, where it is brought to a boil and cooked for 5-10 minutes. The first water needs to be drained, it may contain the remaining impurities, as well as harmful substances that accumulate mushrooms in excess. Mushrooms are poured with clean cold water, again brought to a boil and boiled for another 10 minutes. If foam forms on the surface, then you need to remove it.


How to pickle mushrooms for the winter - photo marinating recipes


After that, the mushrooms recline in a colander. The remaining decoction can serve as an excellent base for mushroom soup or sauce.Mushrooms in a colander are carefully dried and cooled.


After which they are immersed in cold water with the addition of salt, sugar, bay leaf and vinegar, you can add dill and allspice, as well as any spices to taste. In this marinade, mushrooms boil for about 20 minutes.


Already ready-made mushrooms are laid out on cans, and the top is filled with the remaining marinade. In cans you can add chopped cloves of garlic, which will give a pleasant taste and aroma to this dish.


Banks can be covered with a plastic lid, and you can roll up. To preserve mushrooms, you must carefully sterilize the cans and lids in any way. After rolling, you need to turn them upside down, this is done to see if they flow. If everything is in order, then it is possible to place the billets for storage in a cool dark place where the mushrooms can last for quite a long time - several months. Although marinated mushrooms are suitable for consumption quite quickly - immediately after cooling they can be served to the table.


How to pickle mushrooms for the winter - photo marinating recipes


Marinated mushrooms for the winter, with the addition of butter and onions, will be a wonderful independent dish and table decoration.They can also be used in various festive salads.


This recipe is distinguished by its simplicity and affordability, even beginner mushroom pickers and hostesses will be able to cope with it, and the result will invariably delight both the household and guests.

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