How to pickle white mushrooms?

Oksana Logunova
Oksana Logunova
February 7, 2013
How to pickle white mushrooms?

Today, there are many ways to cook mushrooms: boil, dry, fry, pickle, bake and, of course, pickle. Particularly tasty are self-harvested and well-salted crunchy mushrooms. Today, let's look at how to pickle white mushrooms in cold salting on the example of mushrooms.

Inventory preparation

Ideally, you need to take a wooden barrel or barrel and rinse thoroughly. Further, to rescue from a mold, it is necessary to fumble it with straw or sulfur. If you have no such vessel, then glass or any enamelware will fit. Even for salting you need a circle made of wood or plywood and, for oppression, stones, it is better river. Mugs need to be folded in half so that they can be easily inserted into any narrow neck and straightened there. To salting not molded around the edges, you made mugs, must completely cover the entire surface.

Mushroom preparation

Freshly harvested mushrooms need to be checked for worminess and cut off the legs.White mushrooms for salting usually have only some caps, since without legs they can be packed more closely. Next, the mushrooms are soaked, ideally two days, so that the bitter and caustic juice comes out. Do not forget to change the water and mix it regularly. During soaking, your mushrooms will change color and become clean and white. White mushrooms become pale blue.


Now we will consider directly how to pickle white mushrooms in order to get a tasty snack for the festive table. We take the cooked dishes and put them in the first layer, previously scalded leaves of oak, cherry and currant, as well as dill and garlic. Next, put the mushrooms, be sure to plate up and sprinkle with large gray salt. For 1 kg of mushrooms you will need with a slide. The next layer is again leaves with flavor, mushrooms and salt. If the capacity is high enough, then you will be able to fill several visits. Now fill it with water, close with cooked plywood and press down with a stone on top.

For the mushrooms to be completely salted, it will take about 40 days.

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