How to place cutlery

cutleryHow to manage cutlery

To the left of the plate lie forks, on the right knives and spoons (except for a small cocktail fork, which usually lies on the table spoon or to the right of it). Dessert fork and spoon usually lie on the main plate.


Often served to the salad salad fork. It is smaller than the dining room and lies furthest from the plate. If the first dish is fish, then you take the fish fork and then the dining room. The bread plate and butter knife are on the left and slightly above the forks.


To the right of the plate lie the following instruments, starting from the very last: a cocktail fork, a tablespoon, a knife for salad, a fish knife and, closest to the plate, a table knife. The sharp side of the knives should be turned to the plate.


The dessert fork and spoon lie horizontally behind the main dish, but the fork is denticles to the right, and the spoon is convex to the left.


At the official reception to the right of the plate you will find a whole line of various glasses. Let's take a closer look at them. The extreme glass on the right is a glass for sherry or aperitif.They use it the very first. After each dish, let the waiter remove unwanted glasses and plates. With fish dishes or during an aperitif, use a glass for white wine, which is located slightly to the left. Behind the glass for white wine is a glass for red, it is somewhat larger and rounder, which allows the wine to "breathe". The largest glass is designed for water. He stands directly above the table knife. And, finally, the farthest from you glass is for champagne, if, of course, it is served. You can also see a glass of champagne in front, depending on whether the first oysters are served or not. When and which glass should you use? Nothing complicated at the right moment the waiter pours a drink in the right glass.


In the usual setting, several common salt shakers and pepper shakers are put on the table, depending on the number of guests. With the official serving, each guest is provided with a personal saltcellar and pepper on a separate plate.


Be careful when adding spices, because if you overset or perepercite the dish, you can not eat it, and the owners may think that you did not like the treat.As a rule, spices stand on one plate or on a special stand; if you are asked to transfer salt or pepper, you should transfer it all together.

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