How to prepare a wardrobe by summer

Collect all season clothes on one shelf

In the autumn-winter set of things there are so-called "universals" - clothes and shoes, which can be worn even in the warm season. This includes jeans and skirts from denim, blouses and shirts with long sleeves (by the way, in the summer you can try to wear them in the manner of a cape or kimono), jackets and trousers of almost all stripes, except for thick woolen ones, and various T-shirts and tops. Let us say that summer in our area is not always warm, so knowingly put on this shelf at least three autumn-winter things: a sweater or cardigan made of cotton, and not wool, to wear it on cool nights, light suede boots or ankle boots for summer festivals and parties in parks and a thin down jacket or vest in case of windy days or adventurous journeys.

How to prepare a wardrobe by summer

Take care of clothes for future autumn and winter now

Do not be lazy to spend more time preparing for storage, because it is a competent treatment that saves our favorite things and prolongs their life.Shoes should be cleaned first, treated with a special tool and completely dried, insert soft or easily deformable pairs in a pad or non-dyed paper. Woolen things and delicate fabrics (look at the label!) Will have to be washed by hand or used for dry cleaning. Just washed clothes from cotton should be rolled up immediately, so that no creases are formed. Trunks and down jackets can be washed in a typewriter, unless the information on the label indicates otherwise. Things made of genuine leather, suede and fur after cleaning are best not to be added at all and left on hangers in the back of the cabinet - too much risk of deformation.

Use the gradient method

You probably already saw in the clothing stores: things are located on hangers in colors from dark to light. If you have enough space and hangers in the closet, then this technique may be useful: then clothes will be selected easier, focusing on color combinations and combinations of materials. Remember the "rule of three": three colors or three textures in total give a complex and interesting result.

How to prepare a wardrobe by summer

Find creative ways to store things

First of all it concerns seasonal things that you wear directly, but which are always “lost” in the closet. Try to keep T-shirts and jeans with trousers not in a pile, but in rolls, in order to see the whole assortment before you. Tie scarves and scarves with knots on a hanger for trousers to get it and immediately choose the one you want. For hats buy a special box so that they do not gather dust and do not hang on top of each other. Jewelry and jewelry are conveniently and stylishly placed on the holders in the form of branches or candlesticks, and small items - in the old beautiful boxes of chocolates.

Do not place all clothes on hangers.

Remember that hangers are good not for all clothes. The same thin sweaters will stretch on a hanger, and silk blouses may lose their shape - they are best kept folded. Hangers with sections are often more convenient to use than a set of wooden hangers: they take up less space, are suitable for both clothes and accessories, and allow hanging clothes, as they say, “by the waist”, and not stretching them at the shoulders.

How to prepare a wardrobe by summer

Get to the point with a meticulous auditor.

Combine the disassembly of the wardrobe with its immediate revision on the subject of "leave / throw away".If you are in doubt about some things, arrange an “interview” with their participation: ask yourself how well this thing sits on you and reflects your style, whether it suits the way you live now, how new and well-groomed, it looks and how long has it been hanging in the closet without attention. Such an honest question-answer will help without regret to get rid of unnecessary clothing in stock.

Invite an "independent expert"

An excellent assistant will be a friend or mother. And yes, even if they have another vision of you, your style and fashion trends, some advices from outside will still be incredibly useful. Buy a bottle of wine and snacks and ask for a “confidant” opinion. Does yellow look so fun on you? Is it time to throw this “old” pair of jeans? What style of dresses from the available best emphasizes your figure?

How to prepare a wardrobe by summer

Add your favorite scents

Process the inside of the cabinet with flavors for clothes: in their place there can be sachets of natural herbs and dried flowers or special sprays and flavored tablets for storage.Just remember that this should be exactly a special "makeup" for the cabinet, and not just an unnecessary and unloved bottle of perfume, which you will spray inside.

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