How to prevent skin rashes

You will need
  • - new menu;
  • - high-quality cosmetics.
Review your diet. Limit the amount of fatty, sweet and spicy foods. Reduce the percentage of potential allergens in your menu. Rashes on the skin can be triggered even by such familiar products as chicken or tomatoes. Try to use more coarse fibers and fiber, which help clean the intestines of harmful substances.
Analyze the composition of cosmetics that you use. In many face creams, mineral oil is often present, as well as dimethicone, a fat-soluble silicone. These ingredients provide a visual moisturizing effect, but clog pores. Some time after the start of use, you may notice that your pores are worse than being cleaned of fat, and as a result rashes appear. However, irritations, blemishes and acne can be triggered not only by chemical ingredients.Vegetable oils, herbal extracts, natural exotic extracts - all this may not suit your skin and cause certain problems.
Change the pillow on the pillow every 2-3 days. Even if your bedding seems fresh to you, regular replacement of pillow cases will help to cope with skin problems. During the night, it absorbs a large amount of sweat and fat, so frequent washing is an essential element of hygiene.
Try not to touch your face during the day, because this is how you put bacteria on your skin. The habits of scratching your nose, supporting your chin with your hands, and driving your fingertips along your cheek are unlikely to have a positive effect on your skin.

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