How to Press Clutch

How to Press ClutchHow to push the clutch correctly

When driving with a manual transmission, the most problems with the clutch. Many find it difficult to adjust to the sequence of switching speeds and manipulations that are associated with it. But if you learn how to properly press the clutch, you are provided with competent driving.


Learning to press the clutch correctly



The main role of the clutch is that when it is pressed, the engine does not interact with the gearbox. At the time of braking, this manipulation, roughly speaking, disconnects the engine from the wheels. Misalignment with the clutch pedal can lead to overheating.


To start the movement, it is necessary to squeeze the clutch and engage the first gear. After pressing the accelerator pedal and simultaneously depress the clutch pedal. All these manipulations must occur simultaneously. If you let go of gas slowly, then the foot on the clutch is not in a hurry. If you want to start quickly, then all the pedals are pressed quickly.But in all cases the clutch pedal is not thrown. As soon as the car travels, hold your foot a little at the very end of the clutch and release completely, only after driving a few meters.


For subsequent gear changes, you need to release the gas pedal, press the clutch and turn on the necessary gear. After that, simply release the clutch and press the throttle. If you hit the throttle without releasing the clutch pedal, the car can twitch unpleasantly. This is a big mistake.


At the time of braking, you must press the clutch and brake simultaneously. After the pedal is completely stopped, do not drop it, but turn on the neutral speed. If you release the clutch earlier, the machine will stall. For fast braking while driving, do not put your left foot on the floor. It should rest on the heel and lie on the pedals.


With slow traffic in traffic jams, many keep the clutch constantly squeezed out so as not to include speed and speed. But in this mode, overheating occurs, and you can feel a sharp burning smell in the cabin. In a single case, it's not scary. But with a constant disregard for the service life of the cable is significantly reduced, it is necessary to press the clutch correctly, because the replacement of the clutch on some foreign cars is expensive.The first signs of system malfunction can be considered the inclusion of the transfer is not the first time and a characteristic growl when releasing the clutch during movement.

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