How to put mines in "Zombie fashion"

You will need
  • - game Counter-Strike.
To install a zombie mod for your game, first download it from the Internet, and then install the unpacked contents of the root directory into the game folder. Perform the initial configuration of the zombie mod on your computer, alternately editing the values ​​according to your preferences in the configuration files. It’s best to back up the unzipped zombie mod files. After that, go to game mode by running the game in the console.
Activate the input of cheat codes in the Counter-Strike game through the developer mode, since you need a panel to enter the cheat codes, and then start the console. Write in it the bandage for the key, which you can use to set mines in the game Counter-Strike using zombie mod. By default, the P key is used, it is not always convenient.
It is best to use the left side of the keyboard to set the min if you're right handed and vice versa.If you use a joystick or any other device to control gaming functions, setting up an installationminesmay cause some difficulties.
If you want to change the control keys in the Counter-Strike game to the default values, open the main menu settings and go to reset the control commands. If the default values ​​are not set in this way, locate the configuration file with the .cfg extension in the cstrike folder in the installed files directory on the local disk and open it with any text editor.
Find the line with the key assignment to installminesand rewrite it to the standard value. Save the changes by first making a copy of the original document in a folder on your computer, not associated with the game Counter-Strike.

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