How to put things in order in the head and in life: good advice

The fact that thoughts shape our reality has been known for a long time, but at the same time very few people think about the need to put them in order. Otherwise, you risk going astray, making mistakes and plunging into apathy.


Garbage in the head is negative attitudes, stereotypes imposed by society and habitual reflections that prevent us from moving forward.

Ways to get rid of garbage in your head and bring order to life

Good advice will help get rid of it and bring order to the head and in life.


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№1. Be here now

Often people live in the past or soar in the clouds, thinking about the future. To get rid of unnecessary mental junk, teach yourself to be here and now. Notice what happens to you at any given moment. For example, if you are driving, then follow the road, control your attention and notice the change in the situation.

№2. Speak less

In order not to fill your thinking with different ballast, say less and choose exact words. It is better to regret what is not said than to regret what was said, especially in the heat of quarrel. Remember: the less you pronounce the words, the more they mean. Therefore, speak only in essence.

No. 3. Do not make decisions for others


Often there are situations when a person decides for others what is best for them. For example, a wife decides that oatmeal is best for her husband for breakfast, as it is very healthy. But the husband does not like oatmeal at all. As a result, the husband refuses porridge, and his wife is offended. And what actually happened? One person imposes his own vision on another. Therefore, never make decisions for other people.

№4. Stop the search for the guilty

This habit contains little sense, but it leads to significant time and energy costs. As a result, your psycho-emotional state worsens. To avoid this, teach yourself to take responsibility for everything that happens in your life and to spend time searching for a solution, and not to find the guilty.

№5. Get rid of negative attitudes

As soon as you start to scroll in your head such phrases as "I can not succeed", "I am too old for this", "Others are better than me" and other negative attitudes, then immediately take a mental broom and sweep them out of your heads. After all, they program you to fail.

You should also stop constantly evaluating what others think of you, and worry about it. An attempt to please everyone and a constant eye on the environment lead to a routine monotonous life and broken dreams.

After cleaning in your own head, it is worth remembering: clean not where cleaned, but where not litter. The purer the thought, the better your life will be.

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