How to quickly clean the hood from dirt?

For quite some time now, an exhaust hood in the kitchen has become an essential element of this room: it, passing through the fumes from the food prepared on the stove, clears the air and does not allow fats and other dirt to settle on furniture or other kitchen surfaces.

Having installed such an assistant, not every housewife observes all the rules of its operation and, looking under the “dome” half a year after active cooking in the kitchen, they are simply terrified! The entire surface of the hood is covered with a terrible layer of grease and dirt, which can be washed off with a damp cloth. What to do?

Of course, it is much more reasonable and more correct not to allow the hood to come to such a state: for this, according to all the rules, it must be carefully wiped with a sponge and detergent every month, the external grids should be soaked separately.

Of course, the frequency of hygiene procedures for your hood, in the first place, will depend on how often you cook in the kitchen.For some busy housewives enough to bring the hood in order and once a quarter. But what if the moment is missed and the surface of the cleaning device is covered with a thick layer of fat? How to clean the hood in this case?

Preparatory stage

To begin with, it must be turned off and disassembled, preferably by first reading its instructions. Usually, first remove the covers located directly above the plate: the latches snap off and it is easily removed from the grooves.

Then look inside: if the internal filter and everything else is fat, then it must also be removed, then dismantle the pipe that leads to the vent. It should also be rinsed with detergent from dirt.

Next, the air filter: it's true, here you need to remember that not all of them are subject to cleaning, sometimes under the condition of heavy pollution, it just needs to be changed. Usually this moment is specified in the instructions. Do not forget that the hood also needs to be cleaned: the usual cleaning agent, water and sponge will help you.

At the end of the cleaning process, it should be washed with water and wiped dry with a dry cloth so that no stains remain.As for the filter, here things are already a little more difficult, to return it to its original purity, you can use one of the following methods.

Proven folk methods

To cope with the washing of such a device will help you, as the good old "grandmothers" methods, and more advanced and modern, which, however, involve the use of household chemicals. For many, they are not much to their liking, so housewives try to resort to them as rarely as possible, using harmless folk remedies.

  • Laundry soap. It is best to use the "classics" of the genre - brown soap 72% exactly the same as in the times of the USSR. In addition to it you will need a conventional grater, a sponge, a metal scraper and a pan 4L. Rub a half of the soap piece on a fine grater so that it dissolves easily in water, and in a saucepan we boil about 2.5 liters of water. Then pour the soap shavings into boiling water, mix and use the sponge to clean the filter with the resulting solution, remove the hard-to-remove stains with a metal scraper. If this option is not very effective, then 50 g of salt can be added to the water and boil the grate directly in the saucepan for half an hour.
  • Soda. Here our faithful assistant will be soda and boiling water.This is a quick and effective method of cleaning the kitchen hood from dirt, which is popular among many housewives. You will need a large saucepan in which to boil water. Then it will be necessary to fill it with 0.5-1 glass of soda, depending on the size of the pan. When all the soda is dissolved, we lower the filter grate into the pan - if it does not fit completely, it must first be “boiled” for about 30 minutes on one side, and then on the other. All the fat should remain in the water of the pan, and the grill will again become shiny and clean.
  • Lemon. For the whole procedure, you need 1-2 lemons, depending on the degree of contamination of the filter. Cut the fruit into 2 parts and rub the grating pulp from all sides. Leave the filters to stand for a little bit to soften the fat (10 minutes), then thoroughly wash them with a damp cloth. To remove strong dirt, the procedure can be repeated several times.

Chemical methods

If the popular methods were powerless, then you can try household chemicals. To remove grease from old stains, you can try using ordinary dishwashing detergent (dilute it in warm water in a ratio of 1 to 4), as well as special detergents for cleaning ovens or barbecue (for example, Amway or TOPCleaner products).

There is another more radical method, which, although it is very effective, is often not recommended to use it (maximum 2 times during the whole operation of filters).

For it, you will need a tool for cleaning drainpipes (for example, Mole), rubber gloves and a stainless steel sink. According to the instructions, we dilute the product in water, pour it into a closed sink and put a filter into it in gloves.

The reaction will begin rather quickly, after which the filter is washed with a sponge under running water. For greater effect, the grille can be spread on the tool and left to stand for 20 minutes. Remember that the method is quite aggressive, such tools corrode the metal, which means you can easily remain without a hood!

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