How to quickly get rid of the smell of burning in the kitchen?

None of us is immune from anything, sometimes even the most attentive housewife can burn a chicken on the stove or burn pies in the oven, and restless children will have matches in their hands, which as a result of self-indulgence will lead to a rather dangerous situation.

And even if it was a very small fire, sometimes getting rid of the smell of burning in the apartment is not an easy task. Unpleasant and even caustic vapors fill the room, at one moment, destroying the usual abutment and homely atmosphere.

Suppose that you are overtaken by such an unpleasant situation, what to do? How can you quickly and effectively get rid of the acrid smell of burning? Only at first glance it may seem that it is very simple, in fact, sometimes the smell caused by burnt food or, even worse, electrical appliances, cannot be weathered for several days or sometimes weeks, which greatly complicates the normal stay of the household in their own apartment or house.

First aid

So, suppose you have something burned, for example, in the kitchen, the very first thing to do is to extinguish the ignited object completely, preferably, to take it out of the room. Then you need to let the rest of the smoke out of the apartment - to do this, open all possible windows and doors and try to create a draft, if, of course, the weather permits.

If a draft cannot be created using windows, it may be worthwhile opening the front door as well. It’s good if there is a fan in the house - place it in the epicenter of the smoke, in this position wait until the main part of the smoke is released.

After the main ventilation and removal of the soaring smoke, you can close the windows and turn on the air conditioner or air cleaner; an air ionizer will also be suitable for this purpose, if you have one, of course. In parallel, in order to remove the smell of smoke as soon as possible, in the room or, if necessary, in the whole apartment, it is necessary to carry out wet cleaning.

Water well eliminates caustic fumes of burning: it's good if you have a steam steamer or a cleaner with which you can process all the soft furniture, which, by the way, very quickly absorbs such "flavors."Wipe with a damp cloth all the furniture, floors and even walls, curtains and blankets need to be washed.

What to do next?

In principle, above we described the main list of actions that need to be taken in case of a small fire, which was eliminated in just a few minutes. And what if you need to clean the apartment after a fire?

Of course, we are not talking about situations where almost everything burns down, but it also happens that a room or a part of it suffers a lot, what to do in this case? In principle, it is necessary to start it in order exactly as we described above, but more serious measures may be required.

For example, not everyone knows that textiles and paper absorb the smell of burning very well, especially for wallpaper. Sometimes, after removing the entire apartment, even after a few weeks, the owners cannot understand why the smell of the fire remains in the house.

Most likely, the matter in the wallpaper, perhaps they need to be completely replaced. The same applies to the upholstery of furniture - if it, at least a little, was affected by fire, then, most likely, it will have to be replaced. Carpets, outer clothing, pillows - it is better to put in dry cleaning.

To get the smell of burning dissolved, as soon as possible, you can hang wet towels or sheets around the room: you can place them directly on the furniture, doors, or even pull ropes along and across the room. When they are completely dry, the actions need to be repeated several more times, and only after that, once again ventilate the room and finally get rid of smoke.

Another effective way is not just wet cleaning, but the additional use of vinegar. Enough 100 g per liter of clean water - with this solution you can clean the floor, furniture and walls.

In the fight against such "flavors" various natural flavors help rather well: for example, coffee. Just put 15-20 grains in a few saucers and place them in the rooms. Instead of coffee, you can use different herbs: for example, lemon balm, thyme, lavender, mint or live pine needles.

There are also special air fresheners that are sold in stores: since these are still chemical products, they should be used strictly according to the instructions. So, to smell from burnt food or other household items, weathered completely, still need time.

All the methods described above will significantly speed up this process, however, sometimes you still have to wait until a room is completely refreshed for several days or even weeks, depending on the degree of fire.

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