How to quickly peel young potatoes

Young potatoes are no less exquisite delicacy than any lobster, if you choose a delicious variety and creatively approach to cooking. Grown on domestic lands, natural and nutritious, it becomes a highlight of any summer dish. It is enough to fry, put out or even cook - the aroma and taste will excite any visitor to the kitchen.

The desire to taste the fashion of potatoes is always opposed to the unwillingness to clean it. The traditional way with the use of a knife takes a lot of time, so also stains on the hands remain. It is difficult to lighten dark skin of fingers after cleaning even with long washing with soap. I propose to consider a few simple ways to quickly clean a young potato.

In advance, go through the vegetable to remove the places struck by the wireworm with a knife. Remove green tubers altogether - a lot of melanin, which is poison, has accumulated in them. Cleaning these potatoes will not reduce their toxicity.

The quickest way to clean

New potatoes

Option number 1. Before cleaning, rinse the product under running water to get rid of the remnants of the earth; wash the accumulations from the eyes. If at the same time to wear special household gloves of coarse material or gloves for peeling, get to separate the peel immediately, and the water will wash it away. So it turns out as quickly and discreetly to clean a lot of young potatoes at home.

TIP: no household gloves? Use a regular sponge for washing dishes (hard side), a scraper or a brush to clean kitchen appliances. Even a clean brush for the care of the palace fit!

Option number 2. Potatoes are placed in a pot or bowl of water, and rubbing the tubers against each other, it will also eliminate the "flaps" of the peel. You can dip the product in boiling water, and then - in ice water. The peel departs independently - it will be necessary only to rinse under running water. Intensive washing under the open tap in a metal mesh for eggs also removes the young skin without the participation of hands.

Option number 3. Place the tubers in any container that can be closed. An alternative would be a durable package. Pour all over with cold water and leave for a few minutes, covering the container with a lid.If you use a bag, tie it up without draining the water. Shake the dishes or the bag, drain the water, estimating how much the potato is peeled. If necessary, repeat the whole process until the drained water remains clean.

How to clean young potatoes to keep your hands clean

Potatoes before cooking

If you scrape the potatoes with a knife, then knowingly stock up with medical or rubber gloves for the coming harvest season. This will save the skin of the hands from the formation of dark spots. Alternatively: Dampen your hands with lemon juice (concentrated citric acid solution) or vinegar. Wait for self-drying fluid and proceed to cleaning.

Tubers can be cooked in the peel, getting rid of it after. To do this, make a cut in each vegetable around the circumference (as if you want to split it into 2 equal parts). Boil until the state is “almost ready”, transfer it to a container with ice water for 10 seconds. You can peel off with your fingers — you haven't done it so easily.

Method without a knife - salt in a bag

Potato Garnish

Fold the potatoes thoroughly washed in a tight plastic bag. Pour there 2 tablespoons of regular table salt or coarse sea grinding. Tie the bag and mix the contents thoroughly with your hands, causing the components to rub off.Salt crystals will do an excellent job with quick cleaning.

Video Tips

The procedure can be done without the package - putting the ingredients in a pan or basin. Mix it up with real hands, but salt can damage the skin, so it’s best to arm yourself with medical or clean work gloves. After this cleaning, thoroughly wash the tubers under running water. You need less salt during cooking.

Original cleaning methods

Country style potatoes

Someone calls them lazy, and someone - inventive people. But there are individuals in the world who do not want to peel new potatoes with their own hands, and even more so the commercial break on TV. How to clean the tubers without a knife, salt, gloves and pots?

  • Drilling. Attach a new toilet brush to the appliance. After lowering this non-standard nozzle into a bucket with new potatoes and water, clean the contents 1 minute after turning on the device.
  • Semi-automatic washing machine, for example, "Fairy". It is still easier: “load” the tank with potatoes and water, then turn on the washing mode. Within a few minutes the product will be free of peel. Just wash the tubers beforehand,since the sand grains of the earth can get into the inaccessible compartments of the washing machine, increasing its functionality by 1 option - an unpleasant creak in the process.

Helpful Tips

To minimize labor costs and backfiring, use the following memo.

  • Keep medical, rubber or work gloves in the kitchen.
  • Clean the tubers with a knife only after pre-wetting hands in vinegar, lemon juice or concentrated citric acid solution.
  • If you have already cleaned the potatoes with “naked” hands, remove the dark pigment from the skin, rubbing it with half a lemon. Alternative: chop ripe tomatoes on a grater and put your hands in a tomato for 15 minutes. This option is suitable even for those who “marked” hands with green nuts. Do not forget to wash them in warm water with soap at the end of the procedure.

After quickly cleaning the potatoes, dry them with a towel - so it will become crispy when frying. Season the prepared dish with herbs, fragrant spices. Set the table around a fragrant side dish with slices of black bread, any meat, fish or vegetable delicacies.

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