How to recognize a psychopath?

In general, if you get the courage to read this book, you will find a whole firework of emotions.

The worst thing is that such people exist in reality. And it is important to recognize them at the very beginning of communication, because personal safety is first of all.

So, what are they, psychopaths? All as in this terrible book?

No, not all. There are psychopaths of varying degrees of cruelty. But a number of qualities listed below, all psychopaths have.

How to recognize a psychopath?

  1. Psychopaths are charming, polite and intelligent (at first glance). They have a great speech. They need such charm to catch people in their networks. Their acting skills are sometimes so perfect that you yourself will not notice how you will experience an abnormal feeling of affection for a psychopath.
  2. Young psychopaths love to talk about their crazy experiments of youth. For example, you can hear how they kept half-schools at bay, how boldly they went into the principal's office, how they dipped the girls into a sink with water for a crime. Older psychopaths “grow over” with caution and learn to hide their terrible behavior behind the mask of decent people.
  3. Psychopaths lack empathy (a feeling that helps them understand how others feel). And this ability does not develop in them, because in their brain there is no neural connection that is responsible for empathy. But psychopaths from childhood learn to "play" in sympathy, to get from people what they need. Well, on the disaster and misfortune, even in their own family, they react with iron calm: "It happens." They watch horror movies with pleasure, appetizingly crunching something delicious.
  4. They are always and in everything are right. There are no authorities for psychopaths. The only person who deserves admiration is, in the opinion of the psychopath, himself. He will never take responsibility for his misdeeds, and he will blame circumstances, other people, for any failure, but not himself.
  5. The psychopath follows strong emotions. His emotional sphere is very poor, life seems to him faded and boring without "favorite entertainment". The psychopath needs adrenaline drive all the time. And the usual entertainment - extreme sports, standard sex - they are not particularly interested. They need something that society condemns: alcohol, drugs, dangerous driving,fights, humiliation.
  6. The frequent outbursts of aggression in psychopaths are explained by psychiatrists as “lack of impulse control.” Moreover, a psychopath, as we have said, can ruffle anything: the unloved shoes of the interlocutor, the frivolous behavior of the girl, the long line in the store. And if they do not stab anyone with a knife, then they will definitely not refuse humiliation or abuse.
  7. Psychopaths prefer to parasitize and envy. And they are not particularly interested in people, interested in what they have. If a psychopath does not want to look for a job, he will find and lure into his networks someone who can be “milked” - his parents, the other half, relatives. If he does not like that a colleague, for example, equal in age or length of service, earns more, he will find a way to take his place. And nothing will stop. The psychopath does not know how to give, but only knows how to take.
  8. As there are no authorities for psychopaths, there are no laws for them. Neither moral nor legal. They consider all this to be completely unnecessary frames. Therefore, there are so many criminals, deceivers, family manipulators among psychopaths.
  9. If a psychopath does not play the role of a friendly person, then in a conversation he follows a condescendingly contemptuous tone. Moreover, he communicates in such a way with everyone: with the elderly and the young, with superiors and subordinates.
  10. They are bored with their love partners, so they evoke a feeling of jealousy among the latter. A psychopathic man can come on a date with a beautiful sexy girl, presenting her as a “business partner, nothing personal”. This behavior is typical for both men and women.
  11. Psychopaths are engaged in provocations and other negative emotions, which you can also blame. For example, they can disappear for a few days, and then scold you for obsession. All this is done by them for their own pleasure and for showing off: “Look what a hysterical friend I have.”

How to recognize a psychopath?

What if such a person was in your way?

Get away well, good morning, as long as you have strength, more or less adequate self-esteem and health. Break off a relationship if your second half turns out to be a psychopath, quit or transfer to another department if you are confronted with a psychopathic boss.If the psychopathic inclinations you notice from a colleague, reduce communication to a minimum and do not tell anything personal about yourself.

Recommended books about psychopaths:

  1. Bret Easton Ellis "American Psycho"
  2. Patrick Suskind “Perfume. The Story of a Murderer
  3. Anthony Burgess "A Clockwork Orange"
  4. Natasha Kampush “Natasha Kampush.

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