How to restore digestion

If you have any problems withdigestion, use the proven remedy - hercules. Everyone knows that the viscosity property of Hercules porridge is very beneficial effect not only on the work of the stomach, but also the entire digestive system. Hercules also has healing properties. Therefore, when problems withdigestionunload your body with the help of the Hercules diet.
On the first day of the diet, boil porridge for breakfast, lunch and dinner. Moreover, porridge must be on the water. The longer you cook it, the more useful it will be for you. Hercules will be boiled down to a single viscous consistency, and this will allow better restoration of the gastrointestinal tract.
In order that the food does not seem monotonous and tasteless, you can add a spoonful of granulated sugar, but only if you do not have liquid stool. Remember: sweet is weak.
On the second day of the Hercules diet, if you feel much better, you can add some other foods to your lunch.But it should not be baked goods, except for black crackers in a small amount. Other heavy foods are also not recommended.

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