How to send money fast

If you, along with the recipient of funds, use one type of card (VISA, MasterCard) and / or services of one bank, the transfer will take less than a day (usually 1-4 hours), and the commission will be determined by the bank. Some banks do not charge such fees from their customers - the sender and the recipient.
In order to sendmoneyfrom one bank debit card to another, use an ATM or contact your cashier.
Translation is done in the traditional way. You select the amount to send and name the recipient's name, surname and patronymic, as well as the place in which he will receive the transfer, and the address of the nearest office of the company. The amount of money should be in your cash.
Pay the amount and commission to the cashier. The commission is calculated depending on the speed and distance of the transfer, as well as on the amount of cash.
After payment you receive a check. On the check, you are given a secret code consisting of letters and numbers. You need to transfer the code to the recipient by phone, SMS, e-mail or in any other way.
After 20-40 minutes the recipient can pick upmoneyat the point of the instant money transfer system, presenting a passport or a photo ID to me to the cashier and writing a secret code on a piece of paper.
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Please note that some services along with the code ask you to transfer the amount of money to the recipient - the operator or the cashier at the point of issue can ask to name the received amount of money.
Helpful advice
You can check the status of the transfer (its arrival at the point of issuance or the receipt received) on the websites of instant money transfer systems.

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