How to shape your breasts after cessation of lactation

Hormonal changes in the female body begin from the first days of pregnancy. Under the influence of hormones, the mammary gland significantly increases in volume. It happens long before the onset of labor. After the birth of the child begins the active production of breast milk. In this case, the skin is strongly stretched, muscles and ligaments cannot cope with the loads, and some time after the cessation of lactation, the chest sags with empty bags, loses its fullness and elasticity. This is a natural process and with time the body will recover. This is possible without the help of a plastic surgeon, and recovery will happen faster, provided that the young mother will try to help nature. Of course, it is unlikely that it will be possible to return the breast to the breast, but it is quite possible to tighten the breast, make it fuller and more elastic.

Ideally, breast care should begin at the planning stage of pregnancy.But it is not too late to start, even after completing breastfeeding.

Adjust the lifestyle

For beauty, including the beauty of the bust, first of all followsto refuse from bad habits, such as, for example, to experience and drinking alcoholic beverages. Substances contained in tobacco products and alcohol are poisons, poison the body, destroy vitamins and minerals, which adversely affects not only health, but also the appearance of women. Followed bypay attention to foodwhich should be complete, balanced and regular. Enemies of beautiful breasts - the wrong diet and diet. As a result of a lack of nutrients, the skin becomes less elastic, the muscles that support the mammary glands lose their tone, the ligaments stretch and the bust sags. Especially useful for the breast are vitamins A, C and E, which contribute to the preservation of youth and elasticity of the skin. In the diet should be in sufficient quantities of proteins, fats and carbohydrates. The number of necessary components is calculated individually, depending on the anthropometric data and lifestyle features,nature of work and so on.

Breast hygiene

Breast skin does not like hot water, which should be considered while taking a bath or shower. Useful for the skin of the chest contrast shower, douche with cool water and wiping with ice cubes. However, it is not necessary to overcool the breasts during lactation, as this is fraught with the appearance of stagnation of milk in the ducts, which can lead to inflammation of the mammary glands. After a shower it is useful to apply a nourishing cream on the skin of the breast and decollete. You can use the same cream that you apply to your face or a special tool for the chest, but it is undesirable to apply body cream to the skin of your chest. Apply the cream on the entire surface of the breast and décolleté area with light movements, then it is useful to do self-breast massage. Two minutes for each breast and two minutes for the neckline. Massage technique is simple. Hold the chest with one hand and the other with a circular motion from top to bottom through the outer side of the chest, under the chest and up. The pressure should be quite strong, but it does not cause pain. By massaging the chest, make a rubbing motion from the nipple to the clavicle. This massage stimulates blood circulation.

Massage for beautiful breasts

In addition to the method of massaging the breasts described above, you can also use the Shi-atsu massage - the Japanese method with finger pressure.

1. Pressure on the thyroid gland.   

Stimulation of the endocrine glands allows you to keep the skin young. This simple action will help to extend the health and youth not only of the breast, but also of the whole body. To do this, tilt your head slightly forward and gently push the pad of your thumb on the lower point on the side of the thyroid gland. In the same way, grease the remaining three points upwards. To determine the location of the points of the thyroid gland, mentally divide the side of the gland into three equal lengths. Do the same on the other side.

2. Pressure on the medulla.   

Find a point in the recess under the base of the skull on the back of the neck. Massage this point for a few seconds.

3. Massaging the chest. 

To perform this massage action you will need to lie on your back. Place your hands on your chest and perform rotational movements from the center of the chest to the outside under the chest and up towards the center of the chest.

4. Massage the shoulders. 

Find painful points on the upper part of the shoulder, located approximately at the level of the middle part of the clavicle. Massage these points for a few seconds.

5.Massaging the interscapular region. 

Feel painful points between the shoulder blades on both sides of the spinal column - three on each side along the spinal column. Mask these points for a few seconds with fingertips.

How to choose underwear

Bra choose strictly in size. Too large will not properly support the breast, which threatens to sagging of the mammary glands. Too narrow underwear will disturb the blood supply to the breast. Preferably natural synthetic fabrics.

Chest exercises

In addition to all the above, it is useful to perform exercises to maintain a beautiful breast shape.

Exercise 1.

Stand straight, stretch your arms to the sides. Perform circular motions with shoulders forward, then back.

Exercise 2.

The starting position is the same. Bend your elbows and touch the shoulders with your hands. Perform circular motions forward, then back.

Exercise 3.

Starting position, as in the previous exercises. Stretch your arms in front of you at shoulder height parallel to the floor. Maximize straight arms back. Then forward, with scissors, with maximum tension.

Exercise 4.

Connect the hands in the lock at chest level.Shoulders back. Squeeze and unclench closed hands.

Exercise 5.

Connect the hands in the castle, holding his hands behind his head. Shoulders back. Squeeze and unclench closed hands.

Exercise 6.

Arms bent at the elbows lift to chest level. Hands dezhat on opposite elbows. Lower the arms in such a form down, slowly, resisting the arms with brushes, raise the arms to chest level.

Exercise 7.

Spread straight arms to the sides and bend at the elbows so that the hands are pointing down. Turn your hands so that the hand "looked" up. And in the opposite direction.

Exercise 8.

Stand straight. Climbing your toes, alternately pull your hands upward, performing a grasping movement, as if you want to catch a star.

Begin to do the exercises with 10 repetitions, gradually increase to 30. You can not do all the exercises, and choose 3 - 4 most liked. We work daily or every other day.

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