How to shorten the bracelet?

Galina Uneasy
Galina Uneasy
March 27, 2013
How to shorten the bracelet?

The first bracelets appeared long ago. The age of the oldest bracelet is determined by archaeologists quite approximately - 40-50 thousand years. The man who owned the bracelet lived in the Paleolithic period. However, bracelets are popular in our time.

The convenience of a bracelet for a modern person is that many manufactured bracelets are of universal size, they are easy to fit to any wrist.

Bracelets detachable, not having a closed form, came into use. No less popular are snake bracelets, which also do not require fitting. When you buy such a bracelet or a bracelet made from an ornamental stone, you also will not puzzle over how to shorten the bracelet, because such bracelets are performed on a special elastic band. No less practical and bracelets on the straps.

Expensive gold, silver or other precious metal bracelets may require a fit. But it is better not to disassemble such products at home, without having the necessary skills, but to seek help from a master jeweler.

A bit of theory

The design of jewelry bracelets is hard or soft. Types of springy, hinged and closed bracelets are hard. To soft - chain, wicker and glider. Rigid bracelets have a simple design, they are often made by stamping. Bracelets consist of individual links, interconnected by special connecting ears.

Since all link bracelets are arranged according to the same principle, the problem of how to shorten a bracelet is solved in the same way. Since bracelets are made up of links, pins and eyelets, we will try to remove a few links to achieve the goal.


There is a special handy tool with which the procedure for the separation of links will be more convenient. But if it is not, you can do with a solid stand.

Press down on the pin so that it extends slightly, then pull it out with pliers or tweezers. Also remove the second pin through the desired number of links. Having connected links, insert into place a pin. Save unnecessary links in case of need. This is how you can shorten the size of the bracelet.

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