How to sit in front of the computer

The important point is the location of the chair. Adjust it in height so that in the sitting position the thighs are parallel to the floor, and the legs are perpendicular to the floor. Both feet should be on the floor or on a special stand. You can not sit with your legs crossed, this will lead to a violation of blood circulation.
The chair should have a comfortable back. Adjust it so that there is no gap between it and the back. This will reduce the load on the spine. The depth of the chair should correspond to the length of the thighs, the sacrum should touch its back. While working at the computer, keep your back straight, shoulders should be straightened. To avoid slouching, position the chair relative to the table so that when you sit, the tabletop almost touches the body. In this position, when working, you can put your hands on the table, removing the load from the trapezius muscles.
Place the monitor in a comfortable position, straight ahead, at a distance from the eyes, equal to the extended arm. It should be away from light sources. To avoid glare, turn the monitor toward the window 90 degrees. To reduce eye strain, position the screen slightly below eye level; if necessary, use a special stand. Adjust the brightness, contrast, font size.
Use a special keyboard that has a comfortable support for your hands or a wrist rest. It will relieve the joints of the hands. When working fingers and brushes are recommended to relax so that unnecessary tension does not cause premature fatigue. Keep your arms slightly bent at the elbows when working. Place the keyboard and mouse at elbow level so that your wrists are straight.
Before starting work, place the necessary things at arm's length so that you can reach them without leaning or turning. Every 15 minutes, do a simple gymnastics for the eyes: look for 15 seconds at a close object, and then 15 seconds at a remote object. Every hour do a warm-up for your hands: pull them up and move your fingers.
Every 2-3 hours, get up from the computer. If possible, this can be done more often.A small gym will be useful. You can have a bite, drink coffee or tea, get some fresh air. Long sitting in a sitting position leads to an increase in the static load on the spine. This condition contributes to dehydration of the intervertebral discs, and a short-term movement will help restore their supply of water and nutrients.

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