How to encourage your husband to earn more?


How to stimulate her husband to earn more

How to stimulate her husband to earn more

Many women are often dissatisfied with the fact that their husbands earn little, without bringing almost any income to the house. They can talk for hours about business, money, how they can all be nicely formed, but in reality they do not take any steps to achieve their goals. As a result, the solution of all problems, including material ones, remains on the fragile shoulders of a woman.




How to make a man want to make money, how to make a man make money?



If you seriously intend to make your man finally get off the couch, then, first of all, you need to stop constantly reminding him about it, crying and complaining that other women husbands can buy a ring with a diamond, while for you even boots are too gorgeous a gift. By the way, it is worth remembering the following - if you morally put pressure on a man, and do it regularly, sooner or later he will withdraw into himself, preferring to relax with friends, his mistress or a bottle of vodka.In this case, it is required to make sure that the husband himself has a desire to earn money, in other words, it is necessary to accustom him to independence. The mistake of many women lies in the fact that they do almost all the work of their pious - from buying expensive things to finishing writing statements on behalf of the husband to various instances. It should be clearly understood - a man must be able to make his own decisions. In the end - it's a man, after all. Yes, now he is not as confident in his abilities as he would have liked, but the confidence is gained only with experience and time. In addition, it would be nice to create for him some, quite tangible and not too pleasant, conditions of discomfort. For example, instead of meat, feed him with ordinary buckwheat and more often remind that children need new clothes. Sooner or later he will definitely think about how to earn more and, accordingly, live better.


How to stimulate her husband to earn more




How to cause a man to start a business, how to make a man find a job?



Do you want your man to finally start his business? Imperceptibly, put the thematic book in a prominent place, discuss various questions that have arisen, support your spouse.It is advisable to become his faithful companion in solving many issues, it is quite possible, even a business partner. It is necessary to gently and gently push in the right directions, at the same time creating the illusion of its complete independence. A man should be sure that he is responsible for the business, and you are only advised on certain points. If you learn to understand the affairs of your husband, then you will not only have common topics for conversation, but the family union itself will become much stronger. And do not be afraid of what he once decides to quit for the sake of a young lover. If you become truly indispensable for your husband, he will not need someone extra. And for this you just need not be lazy, but develop with your loved one. A loving woman who wants success for her man, daily raises his self-esteem, helps to believe in his own strength, always and in everything supports him. Together with him he learns something new, reads useful books, gets acquainted with the right people.



How to stimulate her husband to earn more



Women's tricks to help stimulate her husband to earn more



Of course, in women there are several small tricks that can help achieve the desired. What can help to provoke a husband to the desire for more money?


The first trick: sadness


This method can be used only if everything is fine in your relationship, and you, as a rule, are always cheerful and in good spirits. When you are a little sad, your man will notice this and ask about the reason. To which you, in turn, can tell him the following: “Honey, I, of course, understand how you try and do a lot for the family ... I just recently saw in the store glorious earrings I dreamed of all my life. Maybe this is my usual whim, because I understand that there are things that are much more important than this. Do not pay attention to this. " You have to be saddened for a day or two so that the man tries to find (respectively, earn) money to satisfy your desire, because he so wants to see you again happy and smiling. Only sadness needs no more than two days, otherwise the husband will simply get used to this state of affairs and will no longer notice your sadness. Naturally, when receiving a gift, you need to show sincere delight (after all, should he be encouraged to take care of you?) And, besides this, do not use this method too often. Otherwise, the spouse will guess about everything that he will not like too much.


How to stimulate her husband to earn more


The second trick: exacting


The second female ploy is exactingness.It consists in the following: the more a man will have to spend money on his wife, the more he will strive to earn. This means that you can not be content with small! From the very beginning of the relationship, he should get used to the fact that you constantly need something: in new clothes for each season, in rest abroad, chic birthday gifts. You do not have to put up with your husband's small earnings or save money. Always gladly and happily equip your home with money earned by your spouse, but, most importantly, do not forget to encourage and praise him for it. Do not try to criticize your loved one. And even more so compare it with other men who buy their wives cars and apartments. You can compare a man with him: “Darling, just look at my most wonderful one! The most successful among all your friends! Although, I am not surprised by this, because you are my born lucky leader. I strongly, strongly believe that you will achieve everything you want! ” Naturally, when the husband begins to make any attempt to earn extra money, he should definitely be praised for it.And, to praise immediately, and not after a couple of days, when all the enthusiasm for the victory will gradually evaporate. When a husband sees how he is respected and appreciated by his wife, he will certainly do something else to see her sincere joy.

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