How to store data?

Elena Melnichenko
Elena Melnichenko
November 4, 2014
How to store data?

Most people store important information only on the computer. This is an unreliable way to store data. There is a possibility of a critical system error or penetration of malicious software, due to which the necessary files are irretrievably destroyed. In this article we will explain where and how to store important data in order to protect them from unforeseen extinction.

Storage Types

It is not safe to say that in a couple of decades all digital media will be as widely used as they are now.

Let's talk about the known digital media. Consider their advantages and disadvantages.

  • cassettes and videotapes are now obsolete. To play them, equipment is required that is currently out of production.
  • discs. Nowadays, it is very important to store information on disks, because if you keep them properly, data is stored for up to 1000 years! But, first, only high-quality and expensive discs are stored for so long. And secondly, nobody has checked it yet.In addition, there is always the likelihood of scratches, which will lead to loss of performance of such media.
  • flash drives and CD-cards are very mobile and suitable for daily work with files. But they store data in memory for no longer than 10 years. Plus, it is very easy to break them.
  • hard disk of a computer or laptop. Often, viruses that have penetrated into the PC, destroy files. Also do not forget that periodically you need to reinstall the operating system. Inexperienced professionals may accidentally format the disks on which the necessary files are stored.

Data storage

If you are thinking about where to store information, you must adhere to an important rule that will allow you to avoid data loss - duplicate information on different media.


Save important materials not only on the hard disk of your computer, but also on other storage media or cloud storage. For example,, and.

Removable hard drive

A removable hard drive is perfect for additional storage. It is necessary to place important files in his memory and put in a secluded place.

Photos and their preservation

As for the photos, it is desirable to print them again after 5-10 years. This will always keep them in an acceptable condition.

We hope these instructions will benefit those who think about the safety of important data for many years.

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