How to strengthen the vestibular apparatus?

Many of you have probably come across a situation where, after riding a few minutes on a bus, you start to feel bad. The same unpleasant sensations can appear when you sit down with your child to ride a swing, or decide to take a boat trip during a romantic date. Pleasant pastime will be spoiled, and it will take you at least half an hour to recover.

Such problems arise in the disruption of the vestibular apparatus. We are sure that many have heard about him, but few know what to do if such problems interfere with living. We are happy to help you.

Principle of operation

In order to understand what the problem lies, and how it can be solved, you need to understand what the vestibular apparatus is and how it works.

It is located in the inner ear and determines the movement of the body in space. But besides him, the organs of vision, the skin of the feet, and the peripheral elements in the muscles and ligaments are also involved in this process.That is, if a person walks, the eyes perceive the road moving in front of him, the feet feel traction with the ground, muscles, joints and ligaments contract to make movement possible, and the vestibular apparatus helps to keep balance and balance. This allows you to walk smooth, confident gait, without any support and support, bypassing all obstacles on the way.

But when a failure occurs, and a person, for example, decides to take a walk on the sea on a boat, the main function of the device - determining the position of the body in space, is modified. The following happens: the organs of vision clearly see that a movement is taking place, but the body “asserts” that it is in a state of rest. It is these discrepancies and provoke the appearance of symptoms such as dizziness, nausea, vomiting, and even fainting.

The formation of this complex system ends, on average, by 10-14 years. Therefore, most often the so-called "seasickness" is affected by children, as well as adults, leading a sedentary lifestyle, suffering from hypotension, and women aged 35+.

What to do?

Manifestations of problems with the vestibular apparatus can be not only in the form of motion sickness.Someone, for example, can catch a ball badly, and, no matter how trained, the ability does not improve, someone often drops objects, while others constantly stumble and fall, despite extreme caution. To put up with such conditions is unlikely, and since the human body is unique and capable of development, the problem can be eliminated.

In addition to the treatment that the doctor can prescribe, it is important to do workouts. It should be immediately taken into account that you should not expect a quick result, this work is rather painstaking and sometimes difficult, but at stake is your well-being and confident orientation in space.

How can you train the vestibular apparatus? Here are some simple options:

Swing. If you have a child - great, go skiing together. And if not, go anyway, but choose a stronger design. Remember that the amplitude of oscillations must first be small so that the body gets used gradually. You need to ride for 15-20 minutes daily.

For balance.Here are simple exercises that you can do on the way to work or home. They will help get rid of "seasickness":

  • Walk on curbs.Usually those who closely monitor the fact that they do not fall and become too tense can not pass more than 10 meters. Your task is to gradually increase this distance.
  • Circling. Here you will also have to walk, but first you will need to present yourself in the role of a whirlpool, and first circle one way and then the other way 10 times. Constant training will give your result - after circling, you will be able to go farther in a straight line each time.

Carry books on your head. This method is good not only for models that should have a perfectly level gait, but also for those who often stumble and fall. Pleasant bonus - you will have a perfect straight posture.

Put a book on your head (or any other object, you can start with light) and walk along a straight line. Increase this distance daily.

Go in for sports. Do not dare to start? Now you have not only an opportunity, but also a need. All active sports help to improve the condition and eventually get rid of the problem. Suitable tennis, boxing, badminton, basketball, volleyball. Active movements reduce the excitability of the vestibular apparatus.You can also add flips, aerobics, gymnastics, roller skating or ice skating.

Desire and a little effort will help you to feel much more confident and begin to live a full life, enjoying all its pleasures.

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