How to take Whey Gold Standard?

Galina Mirzahmedova
Galina Mirzahmedova
October 20, 2014
How to take Whey Gold Standard?

Athletes who get regular exercise and want to build muscle, you need to fill the protein deficit in your body. Only with the help of food it is difficult to achieve this; therefore, special protein blends have been developed, for example, Whey Gold Standard.

How to take Whey Gold Standard and in what doses?

It is noticed that the best way proteins from nutrient mixtures are assimilated if they are consumed within a short period of time after the end of the anaerobic workout session. Moreover, the "window" in which you want to meet, is from half an hour to 1.5 hours.

How to eat protein Whey Gold Standard?

The dry mixture of cans is diluted in any liquid. It can be fresh milk, favorite juice or plain water. Best of all, this dietary supplement is valid if at one time diluted 1.5-2 scoops. Since the protein mixture is poorly soluble, it is best to prepare the drink using strong vibrating or whipping movements. The most convenient way to use a shaker or a mixer.

Before taking Whey Gold Standard, you need to carefully read the instructions for it. Following the annotation, you need to drink protein shake not only after training, but also in the morning, on an empty stomach, in total - at least twice a day.

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