How to train yourself to go to bed earlier?

Every time when we have to get up for work, we regret that we went to bed too late. The body resists and does not want to work productively. Sleeping time is important, so experts give advice on how to get used to go to bed earlier and fall asleep quickly. Normalize your sleep schedule, and you will see that life will sparkle with new colors.

Before bed: what time to go to bed?

General recommendations on when to go to bed no. Everyone decides that it is “early” and “late” for him. Some already at 22.00 fall asleep on the run, the second perfectly feel until 01.00 night.

When determining the time, consider the time when you need to get up every day. For an adult, 8 hours of sleep is sufficient for a good rest.

If you decide to choose an individual period, get a diary and record the bedtime and the time when you get up for several weeks. Count the average number of hours and make up your own sleep schedule.

Note that for several days the effect of "hamster", when the body requires more sleep than usual due to constant lack of sleep. If you follow the schedule, you will soon feel a surge of strength and will wake up yourself in the allotted time.

How to train yourself to go to bed earlier?

Do not accept a rigid framework? Let the end time floating a little. 10-15 minutes do not matter. Enjoy what you do. Determine for yourself the "border" time and set the alarm for half an hour before the release. Evening music should be different from the morning.

Get ready to go to bed in advance

If you intend to force yourself to go to bed early, for 3-4 hours before bedtime, limit consumption of beverages containing stimulating substances: nicotine, caffeine, tannin. Their effect lasts for several hours, forcing you to toss and turn in bed and thinking how to train yourself to go to bed earlier.

Do not drink alcohol as an antidepressant. Alcohol makes the mind sleepy, but makes it impossible to fall asleep earlier.

What else you need to know to fall asleep earlier?

Use sleeping pills should only be prescribed by a doctor. Depending on the type and purpose, they impair memory, are addictive and reduce motor functions.If the problem with sleep worries you, consult your doctor so that he can prescribe the most appropriate medicine.

Eat no later than 1.5 hours before bedtime. Taking a meal, the body begins to work, and you can hardly sleep peacefully.

Do not exercise or exercise immediately before bedtime. Certain actions are able to equalize the sleep regime, but they still stimulate the body, preventing it from falling asleep before.

An important condition for going to bed earlier is the quality and quantity of lighting that surrounds you throughout the day. Open the curtains so that sunlight penetrates the house in the morning and evening, and at night muffle it.

A few more tricks to help you fall asleep earlier:

  • Wear tinted glasses when it gets dark outside;
  • Do not watch computer, TV or other devices that emit blue color. Remember, the radiance of electronic monitors has an exciting effect on the body, preventing him from sleeping;
  • If your work happens at night, wear glasses with yellow-tinted lenses. Orange and yellow block blue, keeping the body at bedtime.
  • Make it a rule to walk or sit quietly and read. The main thing is that this period should bring tranquility and tranquility.

Motivate yourself.If you go to bed regularly, it will lead to health problems. Late sleep leads to weight gain. Displacement of the schedule leads to metabolic disorders and the development of diabetes. Realize the importance of the need for a full dream and try to correct the situation.

How to train yourself to go to bed earlier?

As a motivation, use the fact that healthy and timely sleep contributes to good brain function. If you go to bed earlier, the thinking processes work normally, the memory is canceled. Constant lack of sleep leads to a loss of vigilance, absent-mindedness.

Think of how much success you will get at work, at a university or school, as soon as you learn to go to bed earlier. A positive attitude makes sleep more fruitful. Think about how you will get up in the morning and do more useful things that you do not have time to do.

Imagine what you will take first, what you will go after. Make a plan of action in your head and mentally complete it. Pleasant intentions will program the subconscious, and in the morning you will rise with a pleasant feeling.

If work or study requires a sleepless night, the next day focus on the rules that will help you go to bed earlier. It is necessary to regain strength after a sleepless night.

Creating the right atmosphere for sleep

If you do not know how to teach yourself to go to bed earlier, do something that soothes: read a book, listen to a calm melody, wait in the shower.

Adjust your brain in advance for an early dream and perform the same actions all the time.

Subconsciously, your body will remember them and independently tune in to rest as soon as you think about reading or scroll through a soothing melody in your head.

Do you like a cup of hot drink before bedtime? Brew chamomile tea or tea with melissa. These herbs soothe and relax. Perform breathing exercises:

  • breath for 3 seconds;
  • exhale for up to 8 seconds;
  • repeat 3-4 times until you feel relaxed.

Breathe deeply and slowly. Imagine that, along with the exhalation, the negative, fatigue and stresses of the past days of the day are gone. Inhale positive energy.

It is not immediately possible to disconnect from problems, but regular practice causes the brain to quickly switch to rest.

Some do not know how to force themselves to go to bed earlier, not realizing that the environment is not conducive to relaxation. Check your bedroom. It should contain:

  • comfortable mattress;
  • beautiful, clean linen;
  • light, pleasant blanket, pillows;
  • thick curtains to keep the street light from entering the room.

Headphones, light noise of a small fan, gentle and quiet music help some people to fall asleep earlier.

Felt that you want to sleep? Go to bed. Do not miss this moment and do not make yourself awake. If you feel tired, but can not fall asleep more than 15 minutes, get up and do a quiet job. Just do not turn on electronic devices, do not sit down to eat. Go through the papers, look through the books or photos. As soon as you feel tired, go to bed and try to sleep.

How to turn into bedtime early sleep?

Go to bed at the same time. After a few days you do not have to force yourself to go to bed earlier.

How to train yourself to go to bed earlier?

The habit is developed gradually, so do not expect that you can easily change the time you go to bed. Do this gradually, postponing an hour of sleep for 15 to 45 minutes. Contact a specialist if sleep problems cause concern.

How to go to bed before the owl?

Specificity of biorhythm sov - activity increases with the approach of night.The darker the window, the more cheerful owls. But the morning for such birds is a real stress, especially if you have to get up earlier than usual. The main problem for the owl is not only an early rise, but also earlier falling asleep.

Closer to night, owls are full of energy and ready for action. And this is the main problem.

To force yourself to go to bed earlier, you must follow the basic rules.

  • Get ready for bed. Relax, distract from the TV and gadgets. Air out the bedroom and put on a meditative melody. Leave all problems, unsolved matters in the morning.
  • Relax in bed. With a glance, select something and look at these outlines until they become “blurred.” Remember the happy moment in life, feel it again down to the smallest details.
  • Meet the morning correctly. Set the alarm in the other room so that there is no temptation to turn it off and lie down again. Change the music more often so that you do not get addictive. Plan for a pleasant morning activity.

For owls, breakfast is a must. For breakfast, be fully prepared: work suit, makeup. It helps to tune in to a working state and recharge with positive energy.

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