What to wear with a leather jacket?

Anna Ivanova
Anna Ivanova
January 8, 2013
What to wear with a leather jacket?

Sometimes it seems that fashion for leather jackets is eternal. They both were at the peak of popularity, and remain popular to this day. Moreover, designers foreshadow this thing a distant, distant future.

Many girls just love this attribute of clothing, but not everyone knows what to wear with a leather jacket. Let's deal with this issue in more detail.

What to wear?

A leather jacket is an element of sporty style (of course, if this is not a classic black leather jacket of strict cut). Therefore, it will be a great addition to things from denim. Both skirts and pants will do. In addition to them, comfortable shoes are good, perhaps even sporty. Winning with a leather jacket will look denim overalls, but for him it is worth picking up something with high heels.

If the jacket has a classic look, wear a blazer or golf for a walk under it. And strict trousers or a pencil skirt will look beautiful for work.

With a leather jacket, you can even wear a midi dress.The main thing is to choose the right shoes. Ankle boots or shoes with a sexy stiletto will be perfect for such clothes.

Many girls are interested in the question of how to wear a short leather jacket? Under it is better to wear an elongated T-shirt or tunic. Such a set will beautifully emphasize your hips. A good addition will also be dresses and skirts to the floor.

For a sexy look, opt for short shorts and a leather jacket. The main thing is that the weather was warm, otherwise you will look a little ridiculous. For this look, choose shoes with a high top and flat sole.

Almost any clothes are combined with a leather jacket. But there are things with which you should not wear it:

  • a warm sweater
  • chiffon dress
  • business suit

Although it all depends on your skill. Sometimes incompatible things look especially impressive.


We suggest you consider a couple of successful images in combination with a leather jacket:

  1. Rock and roll image: leather trigger, jeans, T-shirt and high-heeled shoes. It would seem - the easiest option, but you will look at all 100!
  2. Classic: Wear a black leather jacket over a black dress.To make the image look not boring, beat it with large bright accessories (wide bracelet, massive hanger or rings with a chain). Of the shoes in the priority will be a wide heel.

For men

Pondering over the question of what to wear men's leather jacket? Almost the same advice comes to mind as women:

  • combine a jacket with clothes (a classic jacket and a tracksuit are not the best option)
  • follow the styles of jackets and shoes, they should be the same (leather jackets and sharp-nosed classic shoes will only make others laugh)
  • If the jacket has a lot of decorative elements, the rest of the clothes should be restrained.

Having a leather jacket, it is extremely important to be able to combine it with other clothes from your closet. The right choice will help you be at the peak of fashion. We wish you successful experiments!

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