How to wear bright shoes?

Bright shoes in a trend, but that it does not look ridiculous, but transforms the image and made it original and youthful, it is important to observe some rules of choice and use. Learn them to become a real style icon.

Choosing bright shoes

First of all, you need to choose the right shoes. Remember that all catchy tones draw attention to the part of the body on which they are located. So if you are a lady with appetizing forms, you can choose sandals or pumps of juicy colors that will not expose the volume of the legs in an unprofitable color. Slender beauty can afford literally everything, including shoes and even high boots-boots.

When choosing a summer shoe, consider the color of your skin: against the background of a light and pale color, excessively saturated colors will look vulgar and ridiculous due to the pronounced contrast. Tanned representatives of the fair sex can afford juicy and catchy shades, such as yellow, mint, coral.

A real lady should have a lot of shoes for all occasions, and when choosing a new pair of bright shades, think about why you are acquiring it.For example, you can buy something bright and even flashy for a party, it is better to pick up more gentle tones for a date, and noble tones suitable for an office that are not very noticeable.

If you are not yet ready for extreme changes and experiments, then try to choose shoes of a classic shade with bright inserts or small patterns, it also looks stylish. And shocking personalities will be delighted with ultra-bright shoes with expressive abstract patterns or combinations of several juicy tones.

Important rules

So, with what and how to wear bright shoes? She can turn you into a queen of a party and an icon of style, or completely spoil the image and make it ridiculous, vulgar or ridiculous. Stylists are advised to be more careful with such a controversial and sometimes dangerous technique. In order not to lose face and demonstrate impeccable style, follow a few rules.

Rule one: relevance

First of all, bright shoes should be appropriate. For example, if you are going to a bachelorette party or a party, then boldly allow yourself to ultrafashionable juicy shades. Bright colors are quite suitable for meeting with friends, walking or dating.But in the exam or interview, they definitely will not play into your hands, but, on the contrary, will distract attention from the most important. So before you make a final decision about your image, consider whether your efforts and style will be appreciated where you go.

Rule two: only good color combinations.

Shoes should fit into the image and be in harmony with the rest of the kit. And to achieve this, follow a few rules:

  • It is better to combine warm colors with warm colors, and cold colors with those related to the cold scale. If this rule is not followed, a sense of imbalance can be created that will spoil your appearance and perception.
  • Do not combine more than three colors in one set, otherwise you will look like a parrot or another colorful tropical bird.
  • If you are afraid of making mistakes or do not understand color combinations, then use a proven method. Create a uniform background of a neutral shade, for example white, gray, nude or black, and dilute it with a bright accent of any color. Also, any juicy tones will look harmonious against a background of black and white scales.
  • You can try to create a monochrome composition using tones of the same color, but different saturation. And the shoes in this set should be the most distinguished, and the remaining components - more calm.

Rule Three: One Bright Accent

If you study the photos of the most stylish celebrities, you will notice that they all stick to the rule of one accent, which in the fashion world is considered to be the three whales on which the style is held. If you decide to wear bright original shoes, then it should be the most prominent element of the set. Let the rest of the components of the image be more restrained and elegant. If you ignore this urgent recommendation of stylists, you can create an ambiguous impression of yourself.

Rule number four: pick the right accessories

After examining examples of stylish images, you can see that in many of them, footwear is supplemented with accessories, and this is a successful and often used by both professionals and ordinary girls and women. Bright shoes or shoes can be supplemented with an interesting handbag of the same color or differing by one or two shades.The same function can be performed by a thin elegant strap or neck scarf. You can also choose any piece of jewelry to match the shoes: a bracelet, a choker, a ring, a pendant.


Finally, a few tips to help you look stylish and fashionable in bright shoes:

  1. Combine neutral tights with bright shoes, preferably repeating the natural tint of your skin. No patterns, glitter and other decorative elements!
  2. You can get inspiration and search for successful ideas in fashion magazines or in photographs of the most popular and stylish stars.
  3. Remember that bright shoes require special care, as on these shades dirt and scratches are very noticeable. Therefore, monitor the cleanliness and safety of their shoes.
  4. Wearing trendy shoes, shoes, sandals or boots rich colors you need to skillfully. First, correct the gait, if it is far from ideal (remember: all attention will be paid to your legs). Secondly, walk femininely, but proudly. If you shift from one foot to the other, it will look at least ridiculous. Thirdly, if you do not know how to walk on heels, give preference to the model on a flat turn, so as not to feel discomfort and not show it to those around you.

Now you can safely buy and wear fashionable bright shoes, because you know all the important rules and nuances.

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