How to weave baubles from laces

How to weave baubles from lacesHow to weave baubles from laces

Baubles is a currently popular piece of jewelry that can be an original gift to a loved one. Today, there are many techniques of weaving the baubles. Yes, and for the manufacture of these trinkets can be used a variety of material, for example, shoelaces.


To weave baubles from laces you need:
- laces;
- A pin.


Calculate the desired length of the laces. To make it it is simple: be defined with length of a bracelet, and the received indicator multiply by "four" - this will be the length of the laces. As a rule, laces are used for weaving a little more than a meter long.


Tie the laces together with a common knot, leaving the ends so long that you can make a string out of them. Then, using a pin, attach a fake to the sofa: the bracelet will not twist during weaving.


Weave baubles with a diagonal stripe. To do this, the most extreme lace on the right, tie to the lace at the base, then tie the same string to the second, then - to the third and so to each in order.As a result, a diagonal strip consisting of nodules should be obtained. Then proceed to the weaving of the second row, following the same pattern of weaving as in the first row. Weave baubles of the desired length. After that, remove the shoelaces from the pins, and brace the remaining tips with a pigtail.


Want to add symmetry to baubles? Then weave them to the middle of the above-mentioned way, then start weaving from the opposite side: make a mirror reflection. The result will be two arrows. Tie the laces in the middle and tie them in a knot.


Useful tips on how to weave baubles from laces:


Carefully consider the selection of colors for weaving baubles. You can use the laces in different colors, as well as solid colors. For example, the combination of "red" and "yellow" colors symbolizes "crazy love", and "pink" - passion and reverie.


Visit specialized resources dedicated to weaving baubles. Here you can get detailed information about the merits and demerits of a material used for weaving ornaments. In addition, on such sites you can find a variety of weaving schemes with a detailed description andIn general, interesting ideas, realizing that, you can bring your skill in weaving baubles to perfection.

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