How to wind hair with an iron for straightening

In pursuit of beautiful appearance, women are ready for any sacrifice. As you know, girls with straight hair try to wind them with a curling iron or curlers, and those who have wavy strands, on the contrary, straighten them. To date, transforming beyond recognition is quite simple. Strangely enough, you can even wind hair with an iron for straightening at home.

How to wind hair with an iron for straightening

How to choose a flat iron?

There are professional and domestic irons, designed for hair straightening. It is believed that the first type of devices is much more powerful, gives a quick and stable result. However, modern household hair straightener is not much inferior to professional.

When choosing a hair iron, which is necessary for curling hair at home, it is recommended to focus on the following:

  • material used for the manufacture of heating elements;
  • type of temperature controller;
  • the width and shape of the plates.

Concerningheating elements materialTeflon coating will provide hair protection from high temperatures. The metal will make the strands dry. Straightening irons with tourmaline elements ensure their safety, contribute to less electrification. The pliers with ceramic plates also do not harm, but the styling agents adhere to them. These ironing will have to be cleaned constantly. Marble-ceramic heating elements are even safer. Silver antibacterial coating provides hair with a healing effect, but makes the ironing costly.

How to wind hair with an iron for straightening

Bytype of temperature controlhair straightening irons are of the following types:

  • mechanical - you can not adjust the temperature of heating;
  • electronic - it is possible to accurately set the heating temperature;
  • devices with the function of storing temperature - after each trip, it is not necessary to adjust the temperature.

Byheating plates widthThere are the following types of irons for straightening hair:

  • with heating elements 2-2.5 cm wide - designed for laying rare strands;
  • with heating elements with a width of 5−6 cm - suitable for styling rare and long hair;
  • with heating elements, a width of 7−9 cm - suitable for laying thick curls.

Tip! For curling hair, the best option would be an iron with a rounded shape of the heating elements.

Hair preparation

For curling straight hair in curls requires careful preparation. Experts recommend to carry out before this procedure a few simple steps:

  1. Clean hair using conditioner, balm or mask.
  2. Apply a spray that will protect your hair from high temperatures.
  3. For fixing the strands when curling is recommended to prepare hairpins.
  4. Dry hair before styling.

On a note! It is important to remember that to curl soft and thin hair it is enough to heat the iron up to 150 degrees, while heavy and hard strands require heating the plates of the device to 180 degrees.

How to wind the hair on the iron?

When the hair preparation is completed, you can proceed directly to the curl. It is necessary to thoroughly wash your hair with a shampoo, apply a balm or other remedy from roots to ends on wet strands. When the hair is dried, a special thermal protection is applied, which must be completely dry before styling.

To fix the hair securely, it is recommended to use special mousses, foam or gels. One of these products is applied to the hair after the thermal protection has dried.If the strands are obedient enough, you can do without prior fixation.

How to wind hair with an iron for straightening

Strands of hair need to grab the iron almost at the very roots, hold it to the very ends, straightening the curl, and then wind it up. At the end, the hair is fixed with a varnish.

How to create curls with ironing?

There are other ways that will help to create curls with the help of an iron for straightening hair.

Method 1: classic curls

To make classic curls, you need to take a small strand, clamp it with the plates of the device in the center, and then wrap the free end of the hair 1 time around the rectifier. Then follows slowly to hold down parallel to the floor. Having reached the ends of the hair, it is advisable to twist the strand a little. So curl get beautiful.

How to wind hair with an iron for straightening

Method 2: voluminous curls

For women who have sparse and thin hair, the following method of styling strands in curls will do. In addition, it will help provide additional volume to the curls. This method of curling requires the use of ironing with wide heating plates.

Hair must be divided into thin strands. To create a curl, you need to wind one strand on your finger, then pin it with a hairpin. You can also use food foil, wrapping future curls in it.Further, the strand is clamped with an iron to straighten the hair and is aged for about 15 minutes. Curls get a little careless, and what is the appeal of this hairstyle.

How to wind hair with an iron for straightening

Method 3: S shape curls

Another way to curl hair is to create curls in the shape of S. To make styling with curls of this shape, you will need to place a small strand between the ironing plates vertically. Then the next lock is clamped near the roots. The device should be lowered slowly down, sliding along the strand and rotating it around the axis. To create the perfect hairstyle with curls, it is desirable to start styling from the back, moving forward along the curl.

How to wind hair with an iron for straightening

There are other ways to wind hair: zigzag curls, using pre-braided braids and others.

Photos and Tips

To properly wind hair in beautiful and resistant curls, it is recommended to heat the plates ironing more than to straighten the curls. The heating temperature should be from 180 to 200 degrees. Only under such conditions can we expect results, as in the photo.

How to wind hair with an iron for straightening

If there is no thermal protection for the hair, it can be replaced with an oil or a nourishing cream.It is important to use a small amount of these means to avoid making the strands heavy and greasy. Hair tips should also be impregnated with a protective agent, because high temperatures affect them as much as possible.

How to wind hair with an iron for straightening

To wind thick hair on the iron to create a hairstyle of curls, it is necessary to separate them into several levels. Begin laying from the bottom, gradually moving upwards, to the crown. This will transform the thick and heavy hair into beautiful curls. In this case it is desirable to use a varnish for reliable fixation of a wave.

How to wind hair with an iron for straightening

If you decide to twist the strands into curls, it should be remembered that the iron must move continuously. Otherwise, the curl will be obtained with transverse lines, which will appear in the places of delay of the device. If the strand did not work the first time, you should not be upset, because after cooling the curls can be re-screwed.

How to wind hair with an iron for straightening

Naughty hair is better immediately after creating each curl fix varnish. Stacking will be spoiled if you comb the curls of an ordinary comb. If you want to divide the curls, use a special comb-fork or apply your own hands.

How to wind hair with an iron for straightening

To make the hairstyle larger, you need to make hair comb from the roots of the hair.Strands are lush, and styling is complete. If your own volume is not enough, you have to use varnish.

How to wind hair with an iron for straightening

With a little effort and time, you can get a stylish hairstyle, which you can simply do at home with a straightening iron for straightening your hair.

How to wind hair with an iron for straightening
How to wind hair with an iron for straightening
How to wind hair with an iron for straightening

Video: how to twist hair with an iron for straightening?

In the photo you can see the finished result, and the video will help you see every movement that will quickly and efficiently turn the straight strands into interesting curls with the help of ironing for straightening hair. The main thing is not to be afraid to experiment, and then everything will work out.

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