How to write instructions?

A special place among the instructions is occupied by the guidelines intended for employees of companies - they describe how an employee should behave properly in the workplace, what duties to perform, what time to come to work, and what time to leave. How to write an instruction so that it is understandable and at the same time facilitates the fulfillment by a person of the rules specified in it?

General rules

The instruction must be drawn up logically correctly, that is, it follows a sequence of actions that a person must perform in order to achieve a certain result. At the same time, this document should not be too long, since it will be difficult for a person, at least from the first time, to read and understand it from beginning to end. All phrases and words should be simple, with the exception of technological instructions, where it is impossible to do without the use of special technical, medical or other specialized terms.

When drafting instructions, one should not forget that each new paragraph in this document is a call to action, and the use of verbs is imperative.The instruction should not contain "decorating" words, as well as questions. It should not be a retreat. If possible, simple and understandable actions should be indicated, and each subsequent step of the instruction should depend on the result obtained as a result of the previous step. The instructions often use all sorts of schemes, thanks to which a person will be able to figure out much faster than by reading a textual description. Of course, before you write a job description, you do not need to think about creating some kind of scheme, since this document is always presented in a purely textual version.

Job description

When writing a job description for each official, the company's management should decide whether he needs such a document in the enterprise or not. The fact is that the Labor Code does not oblige managers to draw up such instructions, although the Ministry of Labor often insists on drawing up a job description. The rules for drafting a job description are the same as the general rules for drafting such documents, but here there are some peculiarities.

Before you write the instructions for the official, it is necessary to clearly understand the range of duties, rights and tasks of this employee. Since the job description should take into account both the rights and obligations of the employee, and the rights of the employer, then it usually uses the following items:

  • General provisions (determine the functional purpose of the document, etc.).
  • Responsibilities (description of the specific duties of the employee that he must perform with a specific regularity).
  • Employee rights (list of rights granted to an employee for the successful performance of his job duties).
  • Official communications (indicate the positions with which this employee interacts in the process of fulfilling their official duties).
  • Responsibility of an employee for disrupting the timing of their work.
  • Evaluation of employee performance.
  • Final provisions (the procedure for making changes to the document, the date with which the job description comes into force).

Technological instruction

Technological instruction is written taking into account the technological sequence of operations or actions.The entire text is written in simple language, but with an indication of the parameters of the object, over which it is necessary to perform actions. Before you write a technology instruction, you need to know what equipment was used to make a particular item. The instructions record information on temperature, pressure and power, as well as other parameters necessary for the correct execution of the operation.

As a rule, for abbreviation of the text, alphabetic codes are used in technological instructions for designating tools and devices. The text of the technological instruction should be broken not just into paragraphs, but as short as possible paragraphs. You can make a font selection, which will help to focus the attention of the reader on the most important actions described in the instructions. Express your thoughts precisely and logically, and the person who is studying the technological instruction written by you will be grateful to you.

User's manual

The instruction manual is drawn up for each group of goods, so it must have a table of contents and technical characteristics of the object (household appliances) or the composition of the goods, if it is fabric items.Before you write the instruction manual for the device that requires assembly, you must specify how to assemble it, what tools to use for this. The assembly scheme should be presented in the instructions in the drawings, where each part has its own sequence number.

If there are buttons on the device, you must specify which button is for what. It is specified in the instruction of the rule for setting specific parameters of the device, if any, provided by the manufacturer. The following describes the conditions under which the device can be operated, including the power required for normal operation. Inform the user what actions he should not take, so as not to violate the operational properties of the device.

Specify the rules of care for the device. If the instruction is drawn up for household appliances, then it should indicate possible problems and ways to eliminate them. At the conclusion of the instructions are written precautions.

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